NaGaDeMon Plans

So, National Game Development Month.

I’m not a purist.  I won’t be starting from scratch.

I do, however, aim to have Echelon playable by the end of November.  Quite probably in dire need of polishing, but at the least, a set of rules that can be printed out, a set of talents built (which might be only ‘B/X’ tiers, with some going higher), and some characters and monsters (which really should be much the same thing.

I have about two weeks’ vacation left for this year that I’m supposed to use.  It looks like I may even get one of them as early as next week.  The next is tentatively scheduled for the first week of December, then I’ve got Christmas week off after that.

Not ideal for NaGaDeMon purposes, but if I can get ‘playable’ in November, then spend a couple weeks in December actually playing and polishing (and let’s not forget the megadungeoncrawl, that might be a good place to exercise this beast)…

Yes, I am excited.  Let’s see how it turns out.

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  1. I’m making something too!

    In this (untitled*) tabletop RPG you play a loyal retainer to one of the nobles at the Court of King Sol. Perhaps you are one of Earl Mars’ soldiers, or maybe an administrator in Duke Jupiter’s domain, or maybe you help look after Duchess Saturna’s orphan homes. In any case, you are swept up in courtly intrigue and the machinations of the sinister Baron Pluto and Baroness Charon. But that’s not all: you must also defend the kingdom against the threat of the monstrous Comets!

    If anybody wants to help playtest I will be grateful!

    {* Titles are hard.}

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