Kickstarter Status Report, November 4, 2012

Erik Tenkar‘s updated his Kickstarter status report.  My backing list overlaps him to some degree, but we each have things the other didn’t back.  I thought I’d offer some of my own observations for projects I’ve backed that I don’t see that he has (we both backed Tabletop Forge and Adventurer Conqueror King Player’s Companion).

Regarding Astonishing Swordsmen & Sorcerers of Hyperborea, I was one of the last  backers to be shipped (actually asked, when he said he had something like three dozen to go) and I’ve got my copy. Erik, I think you can mark this one done.

Stuff That’s Late

Encounters ~ Plots ~ Places has delivered PDFs but not physical copy; estimated delivery Jan 2012. 660/500 funded Nov 2, 2011

Shadow Days estimated Aug 2012. 20,271/7,000 funded Apr 23, 2012. Latest word (Oct 31) is some difficulties at the factory to do with production.

Dungeon World estimated Aug 2012. 82,879/4,000 funded Jun 30, 2012. Latest word (Oct 31) is “almost done indexing, hopefully off to the printer around Nov 7 for printing and proofing and delivery to North American backers before Christmas”.

Serpent’s Tongue – Become Magi estimated July 2012.  195,101/18,000 funded on May 13, 2012.  Latest update at Kickstarter was August 28, 2012, but they are active at Google+, showing what they are working on.  I haven’t been paying close attention, but I’m told by people I trust that it’s looking even better than it did during the Kickstarter.  Not worried about this, the estimated delivery dates were… incredibly optimistic, let us say.

Tenra Bansho Zero estimated October 2012.  129,640/9,000 funded on September 16, 2012.  I think the estimate was a somewhat optimistic anyway (two month turnaround on set this complex), and I’m inclined to cut Andy a fair bit of slack — this got rather bigger than I think anyone expected.  Pre-print PDFs have gone out, identified corrections have been applied to masters.  We’ve seen it in not-quite-done state.  Latest Update October 30, 2012.

Monster Tokens by Devin Night estimated October 2012.  11,046/6,000 funded on August 30, 2012.  Last update October 30, 2012.  Tokens should be available fairly soon, printable PDFs coming after that.  Working now on the expansion material and has promised weekly updates.  Updates have consistently included samples of what has been done.  Late, but I’m not concerned.  Good communications and progress shown.

At Risk

The Doom That Came To Atlantic City! estimated November 2012 (arguably early if you want to pretend they meant Sandy, but actually is a Mythos-based boardgame).  122,874/35,000 funded June 6, 2012.  Latest news was October 9, where they announced that certain graphical elements were too similar to an existing, well-known game (that’s what parody is, dammit!) and rather than risk a legal fight they took them back for redesign.  Game play is evidently unchanged, but physically the game will no longer be confused with a game from a certain monopolistic company.  I expect this one to be a little late, but they hope to still hit the holidays.

Better Angels — A Hell of a Roleplaying Game by Greg Stolze estimated November-December 2012 (depending on reward).  21,593/5,000 funded August 26, 2012.  Last update October 2, 2012.  I predict “close, but may be late for some”.

Mage Tower, A Tower Defense Card Game estimated December 2012.  14,300/3,000 funded on August 12, 2012.  Print & Play PDF delivered October 26, manufacturer (Panda Games, manufactured Pandemic, Summoner Wars, and some more) has the files.  From the project manager, “I am told that manufacturing + shipping takes 2-3 months time, and I am in the file submission and approval process. But generally card games are easier to manufacture and print since there are no boards or custom pieces. So I don’t know if we’ll hit December unless everything goes awesomely smooth, but I’ll be sure to update you guys along the way”.  May not hit the estimated date but it looks like it’ll be close (my birthday, rather than Christmas).  Under ‘At Risk’ as a technicality, I feel more “No Worries” about it.

No Worries

Kaidan Campaign Setting (PFRPG) estimated October 2013.  9,133/4,000 funded on September 16, 2012.  I’m not worried at all yet about this one being late, we’re still getting updates and have gotten some related PDFs delivered already.

13th Age expansion book: 13 True Ways estimated April 2013.  70,101/29,800 funded on September 21, 2012.  Months away, project full of industry notables.  No worries.

Ultimate Psionics estimated February 2013.  56,870/2,500 funded on October 7, 2012.  Several months away yet, a lot of work to be done.  Existing PDF library (for those getting it — I didn’t) links have gone out.  Last update was October 29, 2012, weekly status reports.

Heroes of Metro City estimated March 2013.  64,756/48,000 funded on September 15, 2012… and they’ve already delivered the Print & Play — everyone who backs gets that one as soon as they back, and in fact that’s what caused me to increase my backing significantly — from $1 to $103 ($93 + shipping to Canada).  Very relevant to my interests, yeah.

PURGE: Sins of Science estimated November 2012-February 2013 (depending on reward).  54,063/40,000 funded October 31, 2012.  Actually not worried about the apparently aggressive estimated delivery date — not only was the game built, I have seen pictures of their print shop where they have stacks of card sheets printed.  I hope to have the game before Christmas, and the only reason I think I might not is that I’m expecting the expansion that won’t be ready until next year.  They might split delivery so I get the base game (and other goodies) the same as the backers who are just getting the game, or they might wait and ship the entire thing.  Either way, I’m pretty confident they’ll hit their estimates.


Whether on time or not (I don’t keep track), the following have delivered:

  • Castles & Crusades: Classic Monsters
  • Astonishing Swordsmen & Sorcerers of Hyperborea
  • Building an Elder God
  • PennyGems
  • PennyGems II, a Pale Imitation

Closing Comments

As I said, I didn’t include the projects that have delivered, and I’ve skipped a few that have just (as in “in the last week or so”) closed.  I’ll likely include them next time, but for now I’ve got a change window I need to get started.  Stupid IT schedule.

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