Kickstarter: Modest Medusa Coloring Book!

I cannot convey how utterly disappointed I am that I don’t know anyone right now with kids the right age for this.

A small, short Kickstarter campaign — started November 5, closes November 10, already 1,100/600 funded.

Yes.  That small.  The rewards are similarly small, $4 for a digital copy, $7 for a print copy ($12 outside Canada), $23 for the coloring book and Modest Medusa Season 1 ($33 outside the US).

Oh my gods, the Kitty Egg Crayons you can get at higher tiers are cute.

… I don’t gush over ‘cute’ very often.  Don’t get used to it.

This one makes me smile.  Hard.

Modest Medusa Coloring Book!
Modest Medusa Coloring Book!

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