Megadungeoncrawl: Session 2, Inadequately Planned

Last week we had our second session of the megadungeoncrawl.  Erik and Michael were unavailable, so Courtney Campbell was joined by James Aulds and Gabriel Perez Gallardi.

Honestly, I’m not as pleased with how well I ran this session.  I’d spent more time preparing specifically for this session, but when it came time to run I ended up relying too much on my prepared material… and ended up overlooking things that could have changed things for the PCs.  Had I been winging it a little more I probably would have thought a little harder during play, rather than trying to find the right notes.

Ah well.  I still have a few hours before the session tonight, I can polish up the notes to cover the sorts of things I missed last time.

That aside, I was pleasantly surprised by how the players handled themselves.  They explored some, but abandoned buildings with nothing really left alive in them are kind of tedious.  When they found a small group of goblins things got rather more interesting.

Do you have any idea how easy it is to manipulate desperately starving goblins?

“Surrender and we will hire you!”

“You give food too?”

“You can earn food.”


Followed a short time later by

“You’re the leader.  Get one of your goblins to search that area and tell us what he sees, we’ll give him bonus food.  And you get food too.”

“Gorn” “Frank” “Right, you call him Frank.  Frank kicks another goblin in the ass and tells him to have a look around…”

In an objective sense they really didn’t do much last session, basically checking out a couple of areas below the Abandoned Tower and finding a way into the Clocktower with what appears to be an easy way down.  They now have paths to follow that lead down below the Abandoned Tower, down into the Clocktower, and some goblins that may be willing to guide them to their warren to help with their wolf problem.

Maybe they got done more than I thought.

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