Mini-Carnival: Horror Holiday

Eric Quigley has some monster art he wasn’t doing anything with and decided to make free for use, with credit.

Use-able Scary Monster Art!

Hey guys, it’s getting close to Halloween and I would like to offer up some monster art if anyone were looking to do anything with it (stat that?).  This is all stuff that I did when I was building my portfolio a year or so ago and was working on a horror project that never went anywhere, and that no one owns the copyright to (other than me).

If you do use this stuff all I ask is that you somewhere put that I  did it.  There are three pieces here, each one is a horror monster.

Three monsters, it’s three days before Halloween.  What say a short carnival?

Pick one or more of the monsters presented, give it stats for whatever system you prefer, and/or build an encounter or a bit of fiction around it.

If the link doesn’t stand out above, Eric’s website is found at

And Eric’s deviantArt page.  He did tell me “there is a fair bit there from a… younger artist”.  I assume by this he means not as accomplished, but I don’t see anything here to be dissatisfied by.

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