Threshold d20 Review: Running an Encounter

In this review I look at and the pages under it. Encounter Checklist The encounter sequence looks fairly reasonable. Surprise and Initiative It might be worth changing “those that exceed the DC by a large margin” in the Perception check description to “those that make the Threshold on their …

Threshold d20 Review: Talents

In this post I will discuss material from In the first page, John describes how Talents are categorized and their general characteristics.  In the second he provides a list of specific Talents.

Threshold d20 Review: Ability Scores

John’s doing some fairly common things with ability scores, and a couple of interesting ideas regarding them. Related Threshold Pages For this post I’m looking at

Threshold d20 Review: Characters

Here is my commentary on the Characters page. Characters do not have Classes in the normal sense in this system. Instead, all characters share certain fundamental features and then differentiate themselves by the players choice of Talents. Player’s may instead choose a classic “archetype” that closely models normal classes if …

Threshold d20 Review: Goals

Don’t worry, I’m not abandoning Echelon d20, or even renaming it. I’m reviewing Threshold d20, one of John Reyst’s projects.  It’s somewhat similar to Echelon, and after discussion I decided to review Threshold to look for stuff I can use and provide my comments to John for his consideration.  I …