Threshold d20 Review: Running an Encounter

In this review I look at and the pages under it. Encounter Checklist The encounter sequence looks fairly reasonable. Surprise and Initiative It might be worth changing “those that exceed the DC by a large margin” in the Perception check description to “those that make the Threshold on their …

Threshold d20 Review: Resources, Races, and Allegiances Part 2

Responding to John’s post “In Response…” Resources Yes, resources/money/etc. is a tricky thing, especially when you’re trying to be generic.  You might look at FantasyCraft’s approach here (which I have to admit I don’t remember well enough off the top of my head to summarize, and I don’t have the …

Threshold d20 Review: Resources, Races, and Allegiances

I take a quick look at how Threshold handles other character considerations, including resources (money and stuff) and races.  Talents will be in another review. Here, I look primarily at and their subpages.

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