Some years ago I took to marking my articles to rec.games.frp.dnd with ‘kjd-imc’ to make them easier to find later when searching USENET archives.  I later expanded this to other markers such as ‘kjd-gaz’ for Gazetteer (campaign fluff) posts and ‘kjd-raw’ for additions that should fit well with the Rules As Written.  ‘KJD-IMC’ has always been the superset of all these articles, so I used it for the name of this site.

These articles are mostly related to the d20 ruleset (particular D&D 3.x and variants) and introductory material related to Echelon d20.  I expect to set up a site dedicated to Echelon at some point, but this is likely to happen only after Echelon is in a more coherent form.

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