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Ability Damage in Echelon

After my recent posts about Ability Pools and their use, including as a resource opponents can target, I thought I would do a bit of simple analysis to see if things are sane or not. So far, I think they are. In this article I am exploring only the effects of ability damage in Echelon, […]

Ability Scores, Modifiers, and Pools

I have mentioned in previous posts the possibility of using ‘ability pools’ to fuel various powers and as a replacement for ability score damage and temporary effects. I wrote up a first draft at Echelond20.org that I will summarize here. Echelon does not inherently need ability scores, and I have considered a few times removing […]

Strength Modifiers to Damage

Here’s a nice, quick, easy one, and it’s a modification that can work with the RSRD rules as written. Let’s start by reviewing how weapons might work with regards to melee damage. Weapons used two-handed can do more damage than weapons used one-handed. Light weapons tend to depend more on precision for big damage than […]

Some Common Talents

I’ve posted some talents for specific character facets (combat and spellcasting), but there are some general improvements that can be made to any character that are probably worth presenting. Everyone has ability scores, and it seems everyone wants to improve their saving throws.  It’s easy to write talents that give bonuses to these things, but […]

Ability Score Generation

Justisaur posted an absolutely brilliant method of ability score generation to rec.games.frp.dnd. It’s simple, it provides some nicely organic scores, and it seems, as best I can tell, completely fair. I’ve seen it called a few things, perhaps the simplest name is ’27-25-23′, after the three key numbers.