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Simplifying Armor Class

I thought I would expand on an almost incidental idea in Falling off the RNG. I think D&D 3.x has too many armor class values.  I believe this is mostly to model certain types of play and to encourage player characters (and other monsters) to act in specific ways.  I think this is somewhat heavy-handed […]

Valkyrie Class, Tweaked

GreyKnight is starting a campaign set in the world implied by Nethack, using Pathfinder RPG as his base rule set.  Among other things, this requires him to build some new character classes. He has taken a run at the Valkyrie class and asked for some comments and suggestions.  This post identifies a few changes I […]

Sometimes I Surprise Myself

I haven’t posted anything in a few days. I’ve been doing an analysis of the monsters in the RSRD to see how some of the design changes from Echelon work out. I can’t exactly model the RSRD monsters. This was never a design goal of Echelon. However, I will take it as a good sign […]

Exploring Armor Options

A few days ago I posted rules for armor in Echelon. Some have been retained, some discarded because they were impractical or didn’t achieve the goals I wanted. Two benefits of armor that I really liked were that armor provided Damage Reduction and energy resistance. I removed the Damage Reduction because after the increase in […]

Defenses in Echelon, Take 2

Three things learned today: People are reading these articles, with a critical eye. I can blow it sometimes. … I evidently can’t count to three, because I forgot the last one. Comments Received I’ve seen comments about yesterday’s post that include the following: Damage Reduction is way too high, especially at low level. Critical hits […]

Defenses in Echelon

I’ve written before about saving throw talents, and there is a talent to improve a character’s Dexterity, but I haven’t yet discussed much how to help keep a character from getting hurt in a fight. I have not yet run numbers on this, so this is greatly subject to change. I’d like to see a […]