Token Pools in Echelon

When I first read of the token pool mechanic in Iron Heroes (the core of which can be found on this site in the Open Gaming Content Library under Token Pools) I wasn’t pleased. I thought they would be a pain to track.

In the last few years I’ve been watching and playing a lot of different board games (something to do during my lunch hour), including a bunch of German board games. These games can be full of resource management and I’ve seen a number of ways of keeping track of resources. Of them all, collecting and manipulating tokens of various types has been perhaps the most straightforward and playable.

Considering how much I dislike keeping track of powers usable a certain number of times per day (let alone how I feel about Pathfinder’s ’rounds per day’ of use of powers like rageā€¦ there’s a lot of things I like about Pathfinder, but this isn’t one of them), a mechanism that allows use and reuse of related powers but constrains their overuse appeals to me.

In short, I know a bit more about resource management in games than I did then, and I’ve come to decide that a token pool mechanic such as is described in Iron Heroes may well be what I’m looking for in Echelon.

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Divine Channelling

All clerics in a RAW game can either Turn Undead or Rebuke Undead. This doesn’t seem right to me because it seems to me that not all settings or religions would put enough emphasis on undead to make it relevant. Also, I don’t really like the way turning works — it either doesn’t work at all (the undead is too powerful and the cleric can’t affect it, or you rarely find undead) or it works very well (you find undead fairly often and the targeted undead are either turned or destroyed).

Either way, I want something better.

In my campaign, all clerics and paladins lose the class ability to Turn Undead or Rebuke Undead. Instead, they get the ability to channel divine power a number of times per day equal to base Will save + Charisma modifier. This ability does little on its own, it is mostly used to power divine powers. Divine powers are gained as domain powers or by taking feats.

A character can also gain the ability to channel, as a cleric, by taking the Channel Divine Power feat. The character need not choose a specific god, but may only take a Domain Feat if he has a patron god that grants access to the relevant domain.

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