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Boom! Head Shot!

A few months ago I posted about a different model for hit points and healing, then followed up a few weeks ago with a post considering some of the implications of making those changes. One of the lingering thoughts I’ve had is that it comes close to modeling desired behavior for undead, but doesn’t quite […]

Implications of Changes to the Hit Point Model

A couple of months ago I posted some thoughts about hit points and healing . This is playable model, and the martial artists I discussed it with said that while it’s not exactly realistic, it has the shape of something believable.  That is, the relationship between ‘hard to kill’ (or ‘hard to beat down’, more likely in a real fight) […]

On Hit Points and Healing

I consider an alternative out of combat healing model that may simplify my life and reduce the work I need to do… and get rid of the silly healing stick I see so many treat as standard equipment.

Ability Damage in Echelon

After my recent posts about Ability Pools and their use, including as a resource opponents can target, I thought I would do a bit of simple analysis to see if things are sane or not. So far, I think they are. In this article I am exploring only the effects of ability damage in Echelon, […]

Sometimes I Surprise Myself

I haven’t posted anything in a few days. I’ve been doing an analysis of the monsters in the RSRD to see how some of the design changes from Echelon work out. I can’t exactly model the RSRD monsters. This was never a design goal of Echelon. However, I will take it as a good sign […]

Defenses in Echelon

I’ve written before about saving throw talents, and there is a talent to improve a character’s Dexterity, but I haven’t yet discussed much how to help keep a character from getting hurt in a fight. I have not yet run numbers on this, so this is greatly subject to change. I’d like to see a […]

Hit Point Tables

Reginald suggested in rec.games.frp.dnd that charts showing the hit points gained by level would be handy, I have to agree. I decided to put those together and really look at what the calculations come up with. I included all even Constitution values from 10 through 30 (the range of values I can expect to see […]

Determining Hit Points

One puzzle I’ve had for a while is how to calculate hit points. The D&D 3.x model failed for me in some degree because of the emphasis on Constitution compared to Hit Die. At higher levels the martial characters (who were supposedly tougher than the non-martial characters like wizards) often had hit point totals almost […]

Hit Points (Wound and Vitality)

This article describes a variant of the Vitality and Wound Points rules from Unearthed Arcana Chapter 4: Adventuring. In considering how to synthesize d20 and HERO system, I considered various hit point and damage models. Vitality and wound points look like they come close, with some modifications. Definitions Vitality points behave much like standard hit […]