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Babau in Echelon, Take 1

A few weeks ago I described how to reconstruct a demon, specifically a Babau, to better fit its textual description as a sneak. This was in part to make a creature that could be more easily adapted to other roles as well. Now that Echelon’s a little more developed, I thought I’d take a look […]

Considering Non-human Characters

Yesterday’s post about the Kobold Kommandos reminded me I haven’t really written much about non-human characters. It seems this would be a good time to do that. Okay, maybe not.  I expected to spend about an hour jotting down some notes, I ended up spending about four hours doing analysis and monster deconstruction.  Ah well, […]

Converting a Demon

The first monster I tried updating, Frost Giant, seemed to do well with this scheme. Let’s try something a little more ambitious. The babau is described as being a sneaky, sly being, and it is suggested that it likes working from ambush (with the sneak attacks and multiple attacks, I can see why). I find […]