500 Random Old-School Adventure Sites

My colleague and collaborator GreyKnight told me this morning that he is building a megadungeon.


I thought I’d give him a bit of a nudge, and ran a little random generator I’m working on to build a set of 500 Old School styled adventuring sites. The tables originated with Matt Finch’s excellent Tome of Adventure Design, applied a little differently than described in the book, and I’m working on rolling my own… but this might help as a start.

Normally I generate about fifty at a time and cull, but I figured since GreyKnight’s likely to want a few more locations than I usually look for, and will likely want to look for several that seem somewhat related, I’d give ten times as many as I usually work with myself.


  1. Skeleton Jars of the Bridal Perches
  2. Deceitful Breeder of the Unfinished Cradle
  3. Chaos-Simulacrum of the Undead Prince
  4. Mantis-Tribe of the Skeletal Mummy
  5. Sinister Abbey of the Poorly-built Galleon
  6. Bandit Troll(s) of the Death-Yeti
  7. Draining-Forge of the Howling Apparition
  8. Resurrected Cleric of the Madness-Cairn
  9. Mutation-Wheel of the Horned Wizard
  10. Harmonic Dancer of the Industrial Bridge
  11. Bone-Bazaar of the Eye-Globe
  12. Horrific Collector of the Discord-Globe
  13. Guard-Ovens of the Arachnid Haven
  14. Monastic Sanctuary of the Ant-Burrower
  15. Dark Slime(s) of the Dragonfly-Sisterhood
  16. Cunning Marsh of the Leech-Wyrm
  17. Genius Centaur of the Sapphire Labyrinth
  18. Enchanted Slime(s) of the Shadow-Rafts
  19. Slime-Kiln of the Brain-Disk
  20. Blood Rat(s) of the Feral Hydra
  21. Granite Megalith of the Plague-Statue
  22. Eldritch Necropolis of the Mutant Hybrid
  23. Flame-Eye of the Carnal Witch
  24. Crypt-Crown of the Deadly Pits
  25. Dragonfly-Witch of the Pattern Pools

  1. Dream-Cliffs of the Weird Webs
  2. Midnight Holt of the Storm-tossed Bastion
  3. Winged Ghouls of the Cannibal Mandala
  4. Ghoul-Harvester of the Poisonous Ghost(s)
  5. Unfinished City of the Ice Hag
  6. Feathered Rat(s) of the Tentacle-Flowers
  7. Guardian Apprentice of the Factory-Edifice
  8. Teleportation Prism of the Entry-Cairn
  9. Hellish Slime(s) of the Fever-Vortex
  10. Factory-Mounds of the Lunar Gatherer
  11. Seaweed-Mansion of the Bridal Sphere
  12. Circular Sanctuary of the Black Hut
  13. Mad Eyeball of the Betrayal-Bowl
  14. Witch-Tower of the Cursed Lair
  15. Contemplation-Hut of the Transformational Frame
  16. Brain-Steps of the Death-Shaman of the Ghost(s)(s)
  17. Unfinished Jungle of the Discord-Wards
  18. Meaning Forge of the Fortified Grotto
  19. Reawakened Manticore of the Ghostly Automaton
  20. Slime-Dreamer of the Pulsing Obelisk
  21. Buried Dome of the Brooding Stockades
  22. Time-Statue of the Mechanical Circlet
  23. Prayer-Garden of the Imprisoned Toad
  24. Spell-Device of the Polluted Jailer
  25. Gnarled Idol of the Levitating Mill
  26. Narcotic Emperor of the Mutation Disk
  27. Hollow Coronet of the Chaos-Ogre(s)
  28. Illusion-Sanctum of the Genius Warlord
  29. Eroding Hut of the Unseen Bat(s)
  30. Rune-Sanctuary of the Lifting-Gallery
  31. Eroding Globe of the Adamantine Monolith
  32. Fossil-Pendulum of the Singular Dome
  33. Dinosaur-Mother of the Secret Cultists
  34. Hellish Wizard of the Curse-Steps
  35. Cursed Father of the Reversible Stockades
  36. Sapphire Mines of the Coastal Edifice
  37. Pattern Forge of the Wasp-Actor
  38. Flesh-Sanctuary of the Prayer-Steps
  39. Paradoxical Garden of the Skeleton Spouts
  40. Sentient Dens of the Malformation-Catalyst
  41. Horned Zeppelin of the Cloned Crawler
  42. Eye-Wards of the Philosophical Prison
  43. Monkey-Larva of the Gluttonous Spider(s)
  44. Murder-Boxes of the Hellish Griffon
  45. Horned Craters of the Tumbled Crags
  46. Ethereal Monastery of the Tall Megalith
  47. Orb-Haven of the Fossilized Asylum
  48. Singular Shrine of the Hybrid Wyvern
  49. Filth-Throne of the Sabertoothed Brotherhood
  50. Harvest-Dimension of the Winged Bishop
  51. Spell-Statue of the Ice Hornet(s)
  52. Harvest-Forest of the Draining-Frame
  53. Forest Dreamer of the Mutation-Disk
  54. Demonic Forest of the Rat-Mother
  55. Simulacrum Mirror of the Pulsing Dome
  56. Prison-Connector of the Confluent Organs
  57. Slave Druid of the Death Pillars
  58. Slime-Salamander of the Crocodile-Behemoth
  59. Sea-swept Abbey of the Mutation Moat
  60. Skeletal Genie of the Glittering Glade
  61. Bandit Creature of the Twisted Egg
  62. Adamantine Lodging of the Slug-Hound(s)
  63. Earthen Forge of the Deluded Executioner
  64. Vision-Crown of the Scorched Golem
  65. Witch-Crown of the Ancient Dungeons
  66. Scarlet Hall of the Reaction-Crown
  67. Nest-Cellars of the Bubbling Hill
  68. Witching-Pipes of the Unfinished Pagoda
  69. Grotesque Colossus of the Elemental Daughter
  70. Many-legged Serpent of the Double Contrivance
  71. Hive Emperor of the Black Holt
  72. Centipede-Creator of the Crocodile-Statue
  73. Reaction-Docks of the Bubbling Forge
  74. Poisoned Halls of the Horrid Court
  75. Hunting Grotto of the Towering Rift
  76. Lifting-Lens of the Necromantic Spire
  77. Polluted Hag of the Infesting-Pillars
  78. Ancestral Tower of the Reawakened Hound(s)
  79. Oracle-Statue of the Bronze Dens
  80. Corroded Contrivance of the Plague-Rune
  81. Enclosed Kennels of the Crimson Aerie
  82. Offshore Necropolis of the High Marsh
  83. Bronze Stronghold of the Sacrificial Spiral
  84. Breeding-Wheel of the Factory-Cottage
  85. Winter Vats of the Immoral Naga
  86. Master Horde of the Crimson Hag
  87. Bone-Vines of the Concealed Pyramid
  88. Perfume-Orb of the Scarlet Monster
  89. Sand-Pools of the Quaking Hill
  90. Centipede-Basilisk of the Moth-Idol
  91. Villainous Cyclops of the Army of the Chieftain of Goblins
  92. Aerial Obelisk of the Painted Fane
  93. Vertical Necropolis of the Red Garden
  94. Binding-Farm of the Cunning Dens
  95. Tentacle-Connector of the Star-Edifice
  96. Insidious Pudding(s) of the Killing-Lens
  97. Three-Part Domain of the Simulacrum Cocoons
  98. Obsidian Bluffs of the Oracle-Globe
  99. Paradoxical Kiln of the Mosaic Kennels
  100. Zombie Genie of the Illusion-Vortex
  101. Insane Salamander of the Deceptive Asylum
  102. Dark Circle of the Scarlet Clan
  103. Mist-Jars of the Crimson Pyramid
  104. Limestone Mill of the Entombed Barracks
  105. Zombie Tribe of the Imprisoned Priest(s)
  106. Platform Rift of the Slaying-Barracks
  107. Feral Cult of the Skin Ship
  108. Lunar Golem of the Dank Court
  109. Emerald Lighthouse of the Flame-Princess
  110. Entropy Sphere of the Vile Labyrinth
  111. Polluted Berserker(s) of the Watery Fortress
  112. Cursed Wolves of the Sea-Infiltrator
  113. Pattern Well of the Water Rat(s)
  114. Elephant-Clan of the Mental Zombies
  115. Moon-Statue of the Ghostly Yeti
  116. Furnace-Gallery of the Insatiable Coronet
  117. Octagonal Stockades of the Ghostly Worg(s)
  118. Hidden Lodgings of the Water Statue
  119. Summoned Alchemist of the Jade Tree
  120. Undead Genie of the Dragonfly-Ooze(s)
  121. Snake-Pudding(s) of the Jewel Keeper
  122. Mad Skeletons of the Dark Keys
  123. Focus-Keys of the Egg Laboratories
  124. Growth-Globe of the Grotesque Pudding(s)
  125. Drilling Lair of the Crocodile-Cultists
  126. Tuning-Gallery of the Hydroponic Bridge
  127. Midnight Pyramid of the Unthinkable Edifice
  128. Scarlet Daughter of the Death-Master
  129. Flesh-Beacon of the Lesser Monks
  130. Betrayal-Keys of the Walled Monastery
  131. Temporal Cocoon of the Hive Bishop
  132. Illusion-Globe of the Flying Monks
  133. Horrific Gatherer of the Reaction-Lens
  134. Crimson Berserker(s) of the Criminal Hall
  135. Dragonfly-Slitherer of the Death Cages
  136. Crypt-Pillars of the Obsidian Tower
  137. Moth-Chimera of the Bone-Octopus
  138. Bronze Troll(s) of the Diseased Tribe
  139. Iron Wizard of the Sentient Outpost
  140. Spell-Colossus of the Black Mill
  141. Raider-Apparition of the Horrific Captive
  142. Reaction-Mirror of the Slime-Hatchery
  143. Feathered Slitherer of the Sea-Sisterhood
  144. Mutant Sisterhood of the Mosaic Tower
  145. Sapphire Isles of the Dream-Lighthouse
  146. Skeleton Stage of the Leech-God
  147. Moth-Cyclops of the Brain-Barge
  148. Star-Maze of the Meat Organs
  149. Entombed Castle of the Emerald Mines
  150. Horned Palace of the Emerald Kennels
  151. White Lighthouse of the Pod-Palace
  152. Slime-Device of the Pleasure Vortex
  153. Elliptical Contrivance of the Blood Hornet(s)
  154. Circular Cairn of the Glittering Sanctum
  155. Mummification Ship of the Murder-Garden
  156. Crystalline Barracks of the Caterpillar-Crafter
  157. Dissection Catalyst of the Mutant Cultists
  158. Polluted Mummy of the Skeletal Lich
  159. Fortified Asylum of the Death Spire
  160. Deadly Crags of the Immortal Crown
  161. Mountain Cathedral of the Shaping-Disk
  162. Many-legged Behemoth of the Entropy Pits
  163. Deluded Reaver of the Smoke Scholar
  164. Fortress-Chapel of the Singular Galleries
  165. Puzzle-Crown of the Filth-Garden
  166. Jewel Brotherhood of the Conjoined Circlet
  167. Sub-House of the Coastal Edifice
  168. Cruel Court of the Sacrificial Hive
  169. Skin Sphere of the Master Wyvern
  170. Fever-Kiln of the Tentacle-Pens
  171. Shadow-Swamp of the Invulnerable Galleries
  172. Ship-Dimension of the Weird Hill
  173. War-Pipes of the Resurrected Hound(s)
  174. Desolate Cradle of the Plague-Rooms
  175. Genius Burrower of the Cliff-Zeppelin
  176. Heliotropic Court of the Diseased Hunter
  177. Blue Bazaar of the Black Quarters
  178. Bubbling Keep of the Killing-Tower
  179. Leopard-Tree of the Tuning-Catalyst
  180. Bone-King of the Lava Troglodytes
  181. Howling Lich of the Lethargy-Mansion
  182. Ghoul-Disk of the Lightning-Token
  183. Rearrangement Flowers of the Desolate Cocoon
  184. Eye-Hive of the Fossil-Bowl
  185. Twilight Hatcheries of the Genius Ceremony
  186. Snake-Larva of the Dinosaur-Salamander
  187. Minion-Pens of the Grotesque Sorcerer
  188. Breeding-Statue of the Gnarled Collector
  189. Feral Nomads of the Crimson Canyon
  190. Curious Obelisk of the Death Farm
  191. War-Pillars of the Enchanted Cocoon
  192. Brooding Prison of the Cruel Manse
  193. Vampiric Actor of the Discord-Pens
  194. Painted Dens of the Airborne Canyon
  195. Desolate Prison of the Half-breed Grail
  196. Prayer-Tubes of the Shadow-Stage
  197. Levitating Shrine of the Killing-Vines
  198. Meat Vines of the Dream-Disk
  199. Fire-Camp of the Prayer-Wards
  200. Earthen Barracks of the Demonic Wyvern
  201. Sand-Beacon of the Factory-Stockades
  202. Spell-Mage of the Heart-Idol
  203. Moon-Eye of the Armored Medusa
  204. Jade Goddess of the Waterborne Haven
  205. Malformation-Lantern of the Dragonfly-Golem
  206. Horrid Mansion of the Feathered Djinni
  207. Necromantic Jars of the Entry-Tower
  208. Half-breed Shaman of the Bat(s)(s) of the Death-Pits
  209. Obedience-Cages of the Cabalistic Efreet
  210. Howling Clan of the Confessional Pools
  211. Insane Displacer of the Waterborne Kennels
  212. Aromatic House of the Reaction-Pipes
  213. Ebony Bluffs of the Conjoined Cocktrice
  214. Demonic Mansion of the Sex-Shrine
  215. Moon-Hive of the Cannibal Pens
  216. Criminal Hall of the Earth-Cells
  217. Pod-Galleries of the Dissection Mirror
  218. Outer Traps of the Bandit Killer
  219. Mammoth Master of the Cloud-Witch
  220. Elliptical Craters of the Quaking Necropolis
  221. Titanic Hive of the Mutation-Bowl
  222. Monastic Pagoda of the Corroded Maze
  223. Focus-Hive of the Snail-Surgeon
  224. Skin Token of the Flame Creature
  225. Undead Whisperer of the Skin Organs
  226. Glittering City of the Changing Assassin
  227. Outlawed Infiltrator of the Cannibal Swamp
  228. Rearrangement Pillars of the Grey Glade
  229. Mist-Behemoth of the Fortified Barracks
  230. Grey Fane of the Deranged Minotaur(s)
  231. Entombed Mounds of the Eye-Dancer
  232. Bitter Demon of the Star-Nest
  233. Diseased Wyrm of the Tuning-Beacon
  234. Brain-Mother of the Mutant Berserker(s)
  235. Mutation Camp of the Changing Troglodytes
  236. Black Glade of the Conquered Labyrinth
  237. Insane Worm of the Quaking Sanctuary
  238. Unreality-Frame of the Baboon-Alchemist
  239. Calcified Aerie of the Predatory Binder
  240. Vision-Vats of the Betrayal-Hive
  241. Asymmetrical Keep of the Materialization Perches
  242. Imprisoned Griffon of the Insidious Puppet
  243. Mud-Dwelling of the Resurrected Device
  244. Illusion-Quarters of the Gnarled Priest(s)
  245. Betrayal-Boxes of the Calcified Lighthouse
  246. Entry-Forge of the Singular Kennels
  247. Feeding Boxes of the Ant-Horror
  248. Reaction-Spiral of the Discord-Lantern
  249. Cannibal Mandala of the Circular Hatcheries
  250. Earth-Houses of the Limestone Marsh
  251. Flesh-Pools of the Moth-Master
  252. Bronze Emperor of the Sub-Cocoon
  253. Pattern Nets of the Scheming Apprentice
  254. Murder-Hive of the Sunken Nest
  255. Entombed Pyramid of the Twilight Hatcheries
  256. Elemental Sorcerer of the Decaying Crypt
  257. Lightning-Mirror of the Collapsing Bluffs
  258. Cannibal Portal of the Prison-Cairn
  259. Twilight Crypt of the Hive Chalice
  260. Prayer-Device of the Villainous Chieftain of Goblins
  261. Destroyed Plane of the Slave Hound(s)
  262. Killing-Perches of the Glittering Court
  263. Decaying Cocoon of the Dark Hall
  264. Pattern Rune of the Growth-Vortex
  265. Birthing-Bowl of the Insane Star
  266. Cursed Mounds of the Ruined Forge
  267. Lunar Mage of the Winged Maker
  268. Cockroach-Keeper of the Storm-Garden
  269. Entry-Rods of the Half-breed Priesthood
  270. Philosophical Foundry of the Vision-Coops
  271. Master Abbot of the Dark God
  272. Dark Machine of the Flying Chimera
  273. Dormant Bridge of the Reaction-Spire
  274. Entombed Hall of the Deceitful Worg(s)
  275. Circuitous Holt of the Sacrificial Island
  276. Bubbling Pavilion of the Crude Dungeons
  277. Iron Slitherer of the Transformational Tubes
  278. Predatory Lord of the Diseased Cliffs
  279. Confessional Separator of the Drilling Dungeons
  280. Unholy Guardian of the Bandit Harpies
  281. Pod-Mines of the Demonic Octopus
  282. Materialization Forge of the Enchanted Worm
  283. Cloud-Creator of the Egg Cages
  284. Horrific Breeder of the Flesh-Pits
  285. Ape-Rakshasa of the Reawakened Executioner
  286. Battle-Mandala of the Entombed Mounds
  287. Reaction-Mandala of the Teleportation Spouts
  288. Tall Pavilion of the Ectoplasmic Well
  289. Offshore Mines of the Obedience-Kennels
  290. Spell-Hive of the Three-Part Sanctum
  291. Moth-Hornet(s) of the Hyena-Spawn
  292. Many-legged Sphinx of the Many-legged Mage
  293. Philosophical Halls of the Entropy Flowers
  294. Raider-Doppelganger of the Legendary Pirate(s)
  295. Memory-Compass of the Emerald Hill
  296. Horrid Labyrinth of the Centipede-Eye
  297. Burial Webs of the Sentient Generator
  298. Ruined Generator of the Intriguing Manse
  299. Cyclopean Aerie of the Spell-Connector
  300. Mutant Mage of the Deceitful Giant(s)
  301. Ruined Mounds of the Titanic Megalith
  302. Enchanted Lich of the Awakening-Chimney
  303. Simulacrum Beacon of the Conquered Barracks
  304. Corroded Maze of the War-Houses
  305. Pod-Cellars of the Inverted Sanctum
  306. Man-eating Druid of the Transformational Tomb
  307. Awakening-Machine of the Secret Minotaur(s)
  308. Mosaic Dome of the Silent Bluffs
  309. Intermittent Court of the Diseased Horror
  310. Grotesque Apprentice of the Baboon-Crawler
  311. Cruel Aerie of the Deceitful Medusa
  312. Blood Father of the Invulnerable Monolith
  313. Temporal Cocoon of the Demolished Galleries
  314. Star-Hut of the Cloud Puppet
  315. Unholy Maker of the Cabalistic Monks
  316. Criminal Galleon of the Curious Prison
  317. Moth-Idol of the Entombed Jungle
  318. Breeding Simulacrum of the Tuning-Grounds
  319. Betrayal-Flowers of the Worm-Wyvern
  320. Man-eating Head of the Snail-Worm
  321. Skin Connector of the Imprisoned Keeper
  322. Dark Burrower of the Genius Wasp(s)
  323. Deluded Creator of the Dragonfly-Nomads
  324. Minion-Compass of the Crimson Mansion
  325. Outer Pits of the Immoral Spirits
  326. Heart-Beast of the Lunar Clan
  327. Coastal Hill of the Destroyed Pagoda
  328. Imprisoned Crafter of the Awakening-Keys
  329. Centipede-Efreet of the Star-Plane
  330. Perfume-Garden of the Burned Idol
  331. Mist-Minotaur(s) of the Sabertoothed Binder
  332. Vision-Nets of the Gate-Statue
  333. Egg Docks of the Ice God
  334. Demolished Rift of the Blue Contrivance
  335. Paradoxical Hive of the Fever-Vines
  336. Binding-Pits of the Wooden City
  337. Wooden Stronghold of the Flame-Doppelganger
  338. Poisonous Hunters of the Bone-Lich
  339. Mist-Goddess of the Ghostly Wasp(s)
  340. Star-Pyramid of the Teleportation Moat
  341. Red City of the Painted Cellars
  342. Frightful Hive of the Bone-Carnival
  343. Leech-Chanter of the Eye-Rafts
  344. Mental Resurrectionist of the Infesting-Rafts
  345. Criminal Cradle of the Unholy Exile
  346. Massive Killer of the Unholy Chalice
  347. Dragonfly-Wizard of the Titanic City
  348. Slug-Walker of the Inverted Mill
  349. Horned Grotto of the Pattern Sanctum
  350. Dark Bishop of the Reaction-Rooms
  351. Tentacle-Forge of the Discord-Flowers
  352. Killing-Device of the Ghostly Demigod
  353. Unthinkable Hall of the Hellish Zombies
  354. Poisoned Mines of the Undead Sorcerer
  355. Nest-Spire of the Eldritch Court
  356. Levitating Pavilion of the Aromatic Cairn
  357. Crude Edifice of the Cockroach-Tree
  358. Star-Dungeons of the Mastermind Brood
  359. Airborne Dimension of the Murder-Flowers
  360. Insane Keeper of the Black Laboratories
  361. Jackal-Resurrectionist of the Skeleton Circle
  362. Ancestral Traps of the Star-Court
  363. Desolate Hatcheries of the Horde of the Tree
  364. Conquered Maze of the Mammoth-Cult
  365. Shadow-Orb of the Focus-Garden
  366. Ebony Bastion of the Lightning-Wards
  367. Dissection Barge of the Mental Monster
  368. Ghoul-Vats of the Limestone Labyrinth
  369. Watery Tower of the Sex-Haven
  370. Teleportation Cells of the Ghostly Creature
  371. Cloned Hornet(s) of the Flesh-Hatchery
  372. Vile Necropolis of the Fossilized Megalith
  373. Furnace-Barge of the Fossil-Wheel
  374. Enclosed Pyramid of the Disorienting Abbey
  375. Curse-Docks of the Erratic Isles
  376. Betrayal-Vortex of the Winter Sanctum
  377. Hunchback Magician of the Spell-Mandala
  378. Immoral Father of the Arachnid Fane
  379. Fossil-Hatchery of the Entombed Kennels
  380. Drilling Shrine of the Cursed Prison
  381. Hidden Keep of the Calcified Castle
  382. Obedience-Coops of the Centipede-Lord
  383. Baboon-Daughter of the Gate-Rune
  384. Fossil-Well of the Oracle-Trees
  385. Shadow-Dome of the Guard-Wards
  386. Bridal Prism of the Reawakened Sorceress
  387. Memory-Garden of the Ethereal Lair
  388. Growth-Sphere of the Scarlet Skeletons
  389. Paradoxical Tubes of the Dream-Cradle
  390. Deranged Magician of the Feeding Compass
  391. Black Priests of the Murder-Barge
  392. Octagonal Pavilion of the Bronze Jungle
  393. Harvest-Marsh of the Bleak Keep
  394. Storm-Hive of the Blue Pyramid
  395. Bone-Token of the Confessional Orb
  396. Massive Head of the Flame-Hydra
  397. Asymmetrical Bazaar of the Dream-Monolith
  398. Growth-Jars of the Cursed Outpost
  399. Mutant Monster of the Simulacrum Incubator
  400. Waterborne Mines of the Mind-Forge
  401. Poisonous Princess of the Sacrificial Rafts
  402. Hyena-Circlet of the Summoned Pudding(s)
  403. Lightning-Organs of the Dream-Cells
  404. Imprisoned Priest of the Eldritch Glade
  405. Screaming-Gallery of the Intriguing Stronghold
  406. Living Lair of the Cursed Sorceress
  407. Enclosed Crags of the Betrayal-Swamp
  408. Unreality-Gallery of the Killing-Cairn
  409. Many-legged Cannibal of the Defiled Forge
  410. Fossil-Cairn of the Birthing-Rooms
  411. Leopard-Whisperer of the Confluent Factory
  412. Bronze Gatherer of the Birthing-Spouts
  413. Spell-Compactor of the Hybrid Congregation
  414. Moon-Mage of the Bandit Hunter
  415. Egg Jars of the Slime-Idol
  416. Man-eating Chanter of the Screaming-Priests
  417. Killing-Lens of the Decomposing Labyrinth
  418. Tentacle-Kennels of the Minion-Vats
  419. Industrial Stronghold of the Resurrected Emissary
  420. Sinister Keep of the Inverted Pagoda
  421. Meat Perches of the Awakening-Caverns
  422. Ooze Infiltrator of the Mad Sorcerer
  423. Shaping-Token of the Erratic Palace
  424. Decayed Idol of the Breeding Collector
  425. Bronze Cult of the Offshore Shrine
  426. Belowground Hut of the Sex-Barracks
  427. Toxic Mounds of the Predatory Mage
  428. Immortal Assassin of the Outlawed Lich
  429. Storm-Crown of the Wasp-Minotaur(s)
  430. Insidious Experimenter of the Ebony Bazaar
  431. Blue Dungeons of the Battle-Chasm
  432. Sand-Wizard of the Erratic Webs
  433. Necromantic Portal of the Leopard-Tree
  434. Gluttonous Skeletons of the Sunken Cloister
  435. Crumbling Hill of the Fossil-Tower
  436. Ape-Slime(s) of the Silent Lighthouse
  437. Pattern Spire of the Fever-Keys
  438. Factory-Glade of the Octagonal Court
  439. Insane Princess of the Reversible Dome
  440. Crippled Statue of the Elemental Maker
  441. Ghostly Keeper of the Black Hatchery
  442. Sunken Foundry of the Curse-Tower
  443. Cloud-Artifact of the Moon-Sphere
  444. Broken Warlord of the Hydra(s) of the Spiraling Sanctum
  445. Leech-Octopus of the Deceitful Shaman of the Worg(s)(s)
  446. Elemental Experimenter of the Mind-Pillars
  447. Hyena-Goddess of the Toxic Brewery
  448. Gate-Wheel of the Shaping-Frame
  449. Spell-Kiln of the Infesting-Garden
  450. Dinosaur-Brood of the Legendary Mushroom
  451. Death Channel of the Labyrinthine Isles
  452. Poisonous Creature of the Bubbling Dimension
  453. Obsidian Webs of the Industrial Galleon
  454. Screaming-Mandala of the Bone-Pits
  455. Demonic Chalice of the Granite Dens
  456. Toxic Harbor of the Mental Society
  457. Crocodile-Golem of the Sabertoothed God
  458. Triangular Craters of the Prayer-Spiral
  459. Hybrid Sphinx of the High Tower
  460. Deluded Gatherer of the Collapsing Aerie
  461. Spider Device of the Azure Marsh
  462. Dark Foundry of the Centipede-Master
  463. Industrial Isles of the Tentacle-Houses
  464. Granite Grotto of the Monkey-Whisperer
  465. Ant-Hornet(s) of the Spider Perches
  466. Feeding Dens of the Mammoth Monks
  467. Ghoul-Altar of the Tumbled Island
  468. Belowground Generator of the Guard-Well
  469. War-Organs of the War-Vines
  470. Mammoth Serpent of the Storm-Barge
  471. Monkey-Demon of the Buried City
  472. Simulacrum Cages of the Star-Halls
  473. Eldritch Bastion of the Howling Ooze(s)
  474. Ethereal Pavilion of the Burial Ovens
  475. Fortified Galleon of the Cursed Keep


  1. #1: Skeleton Jars of the Bridal Perches
    Two of the motley settled tribes of the Castle, a collection of avians and feathered humanoids, once found themselves anticipating a happy event; the intermarriage of the tribes via three pairs of lovers. With so many cultures mixed up in each tribe it was a small struggle to find a suitable ceremony, but at last love prevailed and the three brides and the three grooms took themselves apart into two rooms for a day of ritual cleansing before the date of the wedding feast. Unfortunately at that point a timequake struck their region of the Castle, and the timestreams of the two rooms went wildly askew of each other. When at length time came back into joint enough for anyone to pass the doors, the grooms were distraught to find that over a hundred years had passed in the brides’ chamber. Their remains were lovingly interred in burial urns and that same room appointed as a memorial to them.

  2. #5: Sinister Abbey of the Poorly-built Galleon
    The waterways that flow through the dark places of the Castle may occupy chambers too vast to see one side from the other, but it is well-known that they are still more akin to great rivers than lakes. There is a distinct current one may follow, and the waterways branch and merge as they flow along. In the strange geometry of the Castle a waterway may even loop around and take one back to one’s starting-place.

    One such loop, the Way of Omjeer-kan, is a major trade route among the inmates of the Castle. Many ships ply their trade on its dank waters. One, the /Pale Boar of Light/, is even run by a group of priests who preach their frankly quite limp-wristed faith to the heathen from its shoddily-constructed deck. The cult is something of a laughing-stock among most of the Castle’s denizens, but having said that nobody is willing to venture inside the yellowish-white abbey they have constructed from fungus-wood near the river’s bank. Most who have entered, usually with mischief in mind, haven’t come out again. Those who did came back… changed.

  3. #8: Resurrected Cleric of the Madness-Cairn
    One common feature of many of the worlds that have intersected the Castle over the millenia is the existence of adventuring parties. These merry bands of violent kleptomaniacs tend to end up in the Castle’s ancient stone walls fairly often. One such group hacked its way through an infestation of strange dark spirits, saving the lives of many. Unfortunately their cleric fell to the curse of the spirits and was buried beneath a cairn in the territory of the tribe which they had just saved from the spirits. A year and a day later, the cleric’s spirit rose from the cairn wearing a dark mantle and joined by a dozen of the same evil spirits. In mere minutes the entire tribe were killed and transformed into the same shadowy form.

    The other adventurers were slain while trying to locate some magic that could raise their friend from the dead, mercifully dying themselves before they had to witness what became of him.

  4. #10: Harmonic Dancer of the Industrial Bridge
    When the Wizard of Smoke managed to create a portal back to his world, he paused for thought and decided not to be too hasty about leaving the Castle. Instead he used the opportunity to bring his old minions through the other way, and began carving out a small kingdom for himself. He made sure it was well-known that he wanted the Book of the Eldritch Gaze which was held by a tribe living on the other side of a ragged chasm that runs through the Castle’s interior in that area. The Wizard put forth some magic over the course of several weeks to conjure forth a huge metal bridge spanning the chasm, in preparation for a frontal assault to seize the Book by force. However, a band of adventurers intervened. Having lured the Wizard’s forces onto the bridge, the adventurers used magical dance to set up terrific vibrations in the bridge’s structure, shattering it and sending it plummeting into the ravine. The Wizard was forced to leave through the portal empty-handed.

  5. #12: Horrific Collector of the Discord-Globe
    Nobody quite knows what to make of this pair of entities, not even whether either of them qualify as “alive” or not. One of the entities, a writhing ball of arcing elemental forces, sits high in the air in the middle of a large round hall which it has apparently claimed as its own. The other entity ensures this claim goes uncontested; in appearance a small dull greyish sphere, it trundles slowly over the ground in aimless patterns. If any creature is foolish enough to get close to it, a variety of gleaming blades appear from nowhere and slice the offender into pieces. The grey sphere collects these pieces and arranges them in the correct sequence in some spot within the hall; it appears to be laying out corpses in a geometric spiral.

    Usually the grey sphere is content to guard the hall, but occasionally it leaves on short forays to hunt some nearby unfortunate.

  6. #19: Slime-Kiln of the Brain-Disk
    Since this being has no apparent language, its name is unknown. In appearance it is a scaly disk about three metres across, with a cluster of various-sized eyes around the front quarter of its rim, and a few prehensile tendrils trailing behind. It hovers in the air under its own power and is quite manoeuvrable. The Disk is apparently from quite an advanced civilisation and it has managed to construct a variety of cunning devices and even a large laboratory complete with hand-made — tentacle-made, perhaps? — glassware. It appears that the Disk is attempting to breed several species of slime and ooze creatures together; it has constructed a large metal contraption (shaped something like a beehive) which can combine two living creatures together over the course of several days.

    Telepathic communication with the Disk yields only confusing static and incomprehensible images.

  7. #21: Granite Megalith of the Plague-Statue
    When a virulent plague swept through the Castle some centuries ago, a number of shamans and priests combined forces to create this magical relief carving from the side of an enormous flat stone that was found resting against the wall of a corridor. The carving is the image of a generic humanoid in the advanced stages of the disease in question, covered in horrible boils and pus. However, the magic in the carving is beneficial in nature, and anyone who touches it is purged of disease.

    There is no record of how such a huge boulder came to be in the Castle in the first place.

  8. #22: Eldritch Necropolis of the Mutant Hybrid
    [kind of disturbing so consider this a warning for faint-hearted readers] It’s not common for two species trapped in the Castle to be biologically compatible, so it came as a surprise to their tribe when a couple — one an octopus-like creature, the other a reptilian humanoid — declared that they were having a child. Later medical research would determine that this coupling was in fact completely impossible, but unfortunately nobody could prove for sure that something suspicious was going on at the time. The child, a scaly humanoid with facial tentacles, was thin and sickly, and the “parents” grew quite reclusive in order to care for it. The hybrid seemed to be possessed of significant mental powers, and strange lights and sounds could frequently be seen near their dwelling. Eventually the creature took sick one last time and died, and was buried in a disused room (the tribespeople deciding not to inter it with their more… wholesome dead). The father and mother ran off and were never found. Ever since that day, every child born to the tribe, even between parents of the same species, has been hideously deformed and died after a short time. The bodies were uniformly buried in the same room. When recently the 169th such corpse was added, pale green flames began to dance around the room, and the shadowy outline of the hybrid creature could be seen, apparently engaged in laughter. The room was promptly sealed; nobody has yet decided what to do about it, but thankfully nothing has come out of the room yet either.

  9. #33: Teleportation Prism of the Entry-Cairn
    Certain areas of the Castle seem more likely to be arrival points for newcomers than others. This hall is one such. Some of the settled peoples pooled their magical talents to construct a teleportation hub in this room for convenience; appearing as an insubstantial blue jewel hovering in mid-air, touching any side of the jewel will teleport you to a nearby area of significance. A hovering blue panel at the other end of the teleportation link allows you to return easily.

    In the same hall, some of those who arrive at the Castle have taken to constructing a cairn for those who died trying to get home. Each of the stones in this cairn was torn from the walls of the Castle somewhere, and is engraved with the name of somebody’s fallen comrade. The cairn is depressingly large.

  10. #44: Reawakened Manticore of the Ghostly Automaton
    This goes back to one of the times that somebody tried to “take over” the Castle. The Arch-cerebrant Klytoshu, as he styled himself, created an army of powerful automata in the form of different terrifying creatures. This would have been bad enough, but he also used some arcana to build them in such a way that they could turn insubstantial and pass through barriers at will. The good news is that, after a long and bloody fight, the other inhabitants of the Castle managed to beat him down, and destroy or disable all his creations.

    The bad news is that some fool adventurer has just managed to find and accidentally reactivate one of his mechanical manticores.

  11. #48: Prayer-Garden of the Imprisoned Toad
    Joamulk is an amphibious humanoid with brightly-coloured lumpy skin. His skin constantly exudes dust which is rapidly fatal to a wide variety of species, including most of the dominant tribes nearby. Since it is too dangerous for him to even exit his room to leave their territory, the various tribes instead trade him food and water (carefully, through a hatch) in exchange for him remaining shut up in a single chamber. Joamulk is fairly content with this, being solitary by nature. He is devoutly religious and has made his room into a meditation chamber.

  12. #54: Eroding Hut of the Unseen Bat(s)
    The Thuroi were/are a group of leather-winged nocturnal predators who, having found the Castle easier hunting-grounds than their home world, decided to stick around for the food. They especially enjoy hunting intelligent prey. Luckily for the rest of us, a shift in the Castle’s magical fields caused their lair to get stuck in a fast-flowing time stream. While this has made them faster than before, and effectively invisible to boot, it also means that they can’t leave the lair for long without suffering the fatal effects of all the accumulated time catching up with them. However, it is dangerous to get too close to the lair, as they can still pop out long enough to disembowel some hapless wanderer.

  13. #56: Eroding Globe of the Adamantine Monolith
    One of the few artefacts that gives us a real sense of the Castle’s impossible age. In the centre of this hall stands a tall monolithic structure topped by a sphere, the whole thing apparently of solid adamantium. In the air of the room swarm a cloud of what appear to be ordinary flies, but inspection by an observant wizard will reveal that they are bred through with a genetic magical compulsion. Ordinarily the flies are compelled to avoid the monolith completely, but once in a thousand years (using approximate human time units, that is) a single fly from the swarm will be compelled to alight on the top of the sphere for a moment before taking off again.

    There is a worn-away dent in the top of the sphere about the size of a large grapefruit.

  14. #64: Paradoxical Garden of the Skeleton Spouts
    Nobody seems to know who planted this bizarre vegetation or why, but the dirt of this hall is covered with little plants, all an ugly shade of very bright green. Occasionally one will bud and open into what should be a flower but which instead is invariably a cluster of miniature bones wrapped around a skull. The species which the skeletal blossom is composed from varies and is not usually to the correct scale. The plants scream horrifically if plucked from the ground; anyone who does so is at risk of a curse: slipping into a catatonic state as their memories fold in on themselves and begin to self-destruct.

    (I know it’s “spouts” rather than “sprouts” but the misreading was more interesting to me :-)

  15. #67: Eye-Wards of the Philosophical Prison
    Qonciqe the Master of Sight is a mage from a world of surpassing order and stasis. The changing and confusing nature of life in the Castle has taken its toll on his mind, and at length he decided to imprison the entire Castle for crimes against reason: a capital offense in his world. He elected to accomplish this by securing a few halls for his own use, and declaring all of the Castle outside their walls to be the inside of the prison. He takes his job very seriously and will not allow anyone or anything to leave the prison (i.e., enter his halls). From the bodies of those escaping inmates he has been forced to kill, he has animated a set of eyeball golems to patrol the perimeter.

  16. #68: Monkey-Larva of the Gluttonous Spider(s)
    [arachnophobia warning, big time] This species of monkey seem to crop up in various places throughout the Castle. They aren’t very intelligent so it’s a mystery how they came to arrive here, but arrive they do; on more than one occasion they’ve been spotted appearing in a flash of light just like any other new arrival. Their numbers are kept down by a parasitic arachnid that, laden with eggs, voluntarily crawls inside the mouth of a sleeping monkey and dies. The eggs hatch inside the monkey and eventually the poor creature is consumed from the inside by baby spiders.

  17. #89: Vision-Crown of the Scorched Golem
    This golem lies broken and burnt from some battle ages past. Curiously, it doesn’t seem to have been crafted with eyes of its own; instead, a diadem on its head bears two startling facsimilies of very human-like eyes artfully made of gemstones. Wearing the diadem grants one the ability to see through walls.

  18. #90: Witch-Crown of the Ancient Dungeons
    This part of the Castle appears to be arranged as a rough, dank dungeon. Mossy skeletons in various stages of decay adorn its damp and mouldy cells. One cell, oddly, is larger than the others and contains an opulent golden throne. Manacled to it is a small skeleton wearing an ornate crown of shining silver, on the front of which an enormous blood-red ruby sits in pride of place. Strange lights seem to dance in the depths of the gem, and the crown as a whole seems to gleam a little too brightly considering the amount of illumination in the room.

  19. #482: Crocodile-Golem of the Sabertoothed God
    The priest of Ung was an unpleasant-looking fellow with sweaty, rubbery-looking skin. Nobody insulted him to his face because of the large jade golem that came with him to the Castle — and its sharp crocodile jaws. The priest claimed a room of the castle and converted it into a shrine to Ung, where he whiled away the time doubtless praying for return to his own world; visitors were actively discouraged by the stationing of the golem at the entrance. The priest eventually died of natural causes, but his green stone servant still guards the shrine aggressively. Although the golem is big, it is surprisingly fast and agile.

  20. #483: Triangular Craters of the Prayer-Spiral
    The Monks of Mond became trapped in the Castle while exploring certain higher-dimensional spaces. They were successfully able to escape by praying for the stones of the Castle to themselves be capable of prayer. The resulting exponential growth brought several sections of the Castle under the Monks’ control, and they were able to return to their home plane by causing those parts of the castle to merge with their fractal god. The affected sections of the castle (now gaping holes) were uniformly restricted to a tetrahedral growth pattern, a source of some interest to scholars.

    The large open spaces left behind have been aggressively colonised by flying species, and those with rampant claustrophobia.

  21. #486: Spider Device of the Azure Marsh
    [arachnophobes might want to skip this one too? :-)]
    This cavernous hall of the Castle is set below the floor level of the surrounding corridors. Inside, betwixt the looming support pillars, is marshy terrain filled with an assortment of luminescent blue fungi.

    In the hall is a small plinth holding a crystal lectern. The lectern is magical, and its original function seems to have been the ability to allow one to “step inside” the world described in any book placed on it. However, at some unknown point an interloper has magically fused the lectern with the copy of the Seerithian Manuscripts which now rests on it. The lectern now leads only to a nightmare world brimming with a sea of twitching chitinous body parts and no solid ground in sight; above all of which presides the darkly glowing symbol of the spider-god Ykah in a blood-red sky.

  22. #487: Dark Foundry of the Centipede-Master
    Although nobody can understand the chittering language of the Great Centipede, people are all too aware of its intellect and ambitions. The Centipede was captured by a minor faction shortly after his arrival in the Castle, but after he had bided his time and gathered enough information, he used his mind-control powers to enslave his captors and put them to work creating a more suitable environment for him. The Centipede appears to be fond of metal furnishings employing sharp edges; a fleshy creature could have trouble even walking around his dominion without getting a series of nasty cuts. He has also armed some of his slaves with weapons and armour in a similar style, and of course has constructed a set of segmented armour for himself.

    Certain bands of warriors have set up fortified rooms on the outskirts of the Centipede’s territory to check his territory’s growth.

    • Related entry: #97 “Centipede-Creator of the Crocodile-Statue”: the Great Centipede has constructed an altar to some sort of crocodilian deity, which bears an uncanny resemblance to the priest of Ung’s golem (see #482 above). It’s possible that they hail from the same plane and worship the same deity.
      From #150 “Drilling Lair of the Crocodile-Cultists” I further infer that the Centipede is trying to evade the enemies surrounding him by the simple expedient of digging downwards into lower floors of the Castle. In fact he’s digging down quite a long way, into unexplored territory; goodness knows what’s down there.

  23. #334: Intermittent Court of the Diseased Horror
    (see also: #99: Poisoned Halls of the Horrid Court)

    The Plague Court arose from a madman who was driven insane by sickness, and began declaring to any who would listen that diseases were noble things to be venerated. Whether by some strange quirk of magic or divine intervention nobody knows, but although the man still carried his illness, it never killed him; nor did any disease seem to have the power to fell him or the followers he acquired. He eventually passed away of old age, but not before appointing a new Plague King from amongst his followers. The sixty-fifth Plague King now sits on the rotted wooden throne, covered in hideous boils and weeping pustules, but enduring and thriving in a terrible mockery of the natural order. The Plague Court is quite numerous, having had its ranks swelled in recent times by an epidemic that flashed through this region of the Castle; when a person discovers they may have only days to live, the prospect of joining the ranks of the Court suddenly seems quite appealing.

  24. #317: Many-legged Sphinx of the Many-legged Mage (too good to pass up!)
    The Stilt-walker is a being with bizarre anatomy, having fourteen long rigid spikes along the length of its body which it uses to perambulate. Along its back a series of large tentacles gives it the ability to manipulate items. Its blank face has a large crude eyespot which it can use to detect the general light intensity in a given direction. However, the Stilt-walker appears to be extremely sensitive to smell and vibration. Its toothy mouth is on the back of its head, facing along the row of tentacles.

    The Stilt-walker has demonstrated considerable magical and artistic aptitude, and spends much of its time transmuting stones from the Castle walls into marble with which to complete its sculptures, some of which are then magically animated. The sculptures appear to be animals of some sort, although all are utterly alien and unrecognisable to humanoids. Its largest unfinished project appears to be similar to its own form, except possessed of large wing-like structures, and posed with its leg-spikes splayed out horizontally.

    The Stilt-walker and the Brain-Disk (see #19) are suspected to be from the same world. Certainly they despise each other, and often send their various creations to attack the other’s dwelling. Both creatures, apart from this apparent grudge, generally ignore others.

  25. #312: Reaction-Mandala of the Teleportation Spouts
    This tall cylindrical room contains a cylindrical platform, the top of which is accessible via a spiral walkway up its sides. On the top is a turntable with a padded spot in the centre seemingly shaped to hold a humanoid lying down on its back. Several smooth channels lead away from the turntable, each facing towards a blank stone disk set in the wall. When enough weight is placed on the padded area, a system of cunning counterweights and mechanisms causes the occupant of the padded part to be hurled out along one of the channels at terrific speed, reaching the flat stone disk in the wall just exactly at the same time that a magical pulse causes the latter to open up into an arcane portal. The portal closes behind the traveller just as quickly. Each portal disk always leads to the same place, a spot somewhere else in the Castle; the turntable can be manipulated in the obvious manner to choose which portal will be used.

  26. #112: Bone-Vines of the Concealed Pyramid
    This titanic hall contains a decent-sized jungle, including a long-abandoned ziggurat built from the same stones as the Castle itself. The jungle plants appear to be similar to the Skeleton Sprouts (#64); the vegetation is frequently a too-bright unpleasant shade of green, and any flowering plants have delicate patterns of tiny bones and skulls in place of blossoms. The plants are harmless unless one is uprooted or killed, in which case a piercing scream from the vegetation will signal the beginning of a terrible curse.

  27. #122: Three-Part Domain of the Simulacrum Cocoons
    A ladder tucked up in the corner of a room full of broken glassware leads down into this small circular chamber, barely big enough for two men to stand abreast. Three doors equally spaced around the wall lead into three identical kidney-shaped chambers in which can be found row upon row of large leathery cocoons. A human or similarly-sized creature can wrap itself up in one of these cocoons, whereupon they will instantly fall asleep for a day. When the cocoon opens, two identical-looking beings will emerge.

    A simulacrum from the cocoon is very suggestible in the first few hours of its existence, and its future behaviour will depend on how it is treated during this time. It has all the memories of the original but understands that it is a copy. A simulacrum will instantly collapse into a quantity of violet sticky goop upon the moment of its death.

    • GreyKnight’s doing some wonderful things here.

      Creepy things, but wonderful. I’m rather excited by what he’s coming up with, based just on short strings like this.

      In the list above, I’ve basically just applied the tables from Matt Finch’s Tome of Adventure Design (I say ‘basically’ because I’m combining them in ways other than described in the book… but the tables themselves have not changed all that much yet). Tome of Adventure Design is becoming my weapon of mass construction.

  28. #26: Dream-Cliffs of the Weird Webs
    (I hope you like spiders)

    This ragged chasm has torn through uncounted levels of the Castle. Deep in its depths, the edges of the ravine and the rooms exposed thereby are coated in dense silvery cobwebs. Touching them releases a pleasing sound of jangling chimes; the psychic effect of this supernatural sound makes people feel happy and safe. The webs are not sticky, and some of the denser piles of silk are quite soft and cushiony.

    Sleeping in a dream-webbed area has both risks and benefits. A sleeper can project his awareness across large distances in his dreams, allowing him to explore otherwise inaccessible areas. However, doing so draws the attentions of the dream-spiders who dwell in the area. The dream-spiders can only be seen or interacted with in dreams (or similar states of existence). The spiders will methodically track down the sleeper’s consciousness and attempt to consume it. The sleeper must, avoiding the spiders, return his awareness to the location of his body in order to awaken.

    (the ravine here is the same one mentioned in #10: Harmonic Dancer of the Industrial Bridge, but much lower down)

  29. #18: Enchanted Slimes of the Shadow-Rafts

    Recently, some of the Disk’s experimental slime-creatures have been seen trekking to the Waterways and entering the rivers. It’s not clear if they are being deliberately sent there to accomplish something, being discarded as experimental failures, or if they are refugees escaping from their master. Regardless, it’s a source of some concern for the Waterway Folk.

    One of the groups of oozes consists of dark blue blobs floating as a thin disk of matter on the surface of the water. These can be difficult to spot in the darkness of the Waterways until a ship has run into them. If this happens, the slime crawls up around the ship and attacks the shadows of living creatures on board. The slime is magically able to infest a creature’s shadow and turn it into more slime. The slimes are uninterested in the creatures themselves, or the shadows of inanimate objects.

    A person whose shadow has been consumed suffers periodic nightmares about being watched, hunted, helpless. Victims report an urgent feeling of lacking some form of protection which was previously taken for granted. The nightmares seem to reach a peak after a fortnight or so, after which they abruptly cease; however, after this point the victim reacts with fear to the presence of shadows. Their friends sometimes report strange changes in their personality at this point.

    Mages on Opportunity Barge are experimenting with thaumic surgery to restore a person’s shadow.

  30. #37: Circular Sanctuary of the Black Hut

    This chamber is a perfect hemisphere about 50m in radius, whose floor is marked with concentric coloured rings. There is a plain grey border approximately 5 metres wide around the outermost (red) ring; the colours then progress through the colours of the rainbow to the innermost violet ring. Each is about 5 metres in width. The centre of the pattern is a black circle, 10 metres in radius. Within the circle is a black hemisphere about the size of a man’s head, embedded in the ground.

    Progressing through the pattern of rings causes memory loss. The process is completely reversible by walking back out of the pattern again. The subject always retains new memories acquired since entering the pattern, including the existence of the memory-erasing effect once they become aware of it. The subject also remains aware of his intentions upon entering the pattern (e.g. “I’ll go as far as the yellow ring and come back”). Memories are lost as follows:

    Entering the red ring removes one’s memories since entering the room. They appear to have suddenly gone from the door to the start of the red ring.
    Entering the orange ring removes one’s memories of entering the Castle. The subject feels as if the teleportation accident that stranded them here has deposited them directly at the start of the red ring.
    Entering the yellow ring removes one’s memories of events for the years leading up to arriving at the Castle. The subject will have no clear idea how he ended up entering the red ring.
    Entering the green ring removes one’s memories of adult life. They will be surprised to find themselves in an adult body. They still remember friends acquired in adulthood, but the memories are distorted.
    Entering the blue ring removes one’s memories of friends and lovers. They will no longer recognise their adventuring team-mates, which may be problematic if the latter are shouting advice from the border.
    Entering the indigo ring removes the memories of one’s parents. They can still remember the general experience of their childhood, but any presence of parental figures in these memories are a vague void.
    Entering the violet ring removes one’s childhood memories. The subject now remembers nothing except their experience of walking through the pattern, and any information conveyed to them at this time. They may feel as if they were born into existence at the edge of the red ring.
    Entering the black circle has no extra effect on memory.

    If the hemisphere in the centre of the black circle is pressed down, a hemispherical dome of magical energy surrounds the circle. The dome is completely black and does not allow light or sound in or out; likewise, no object or force can penetrate the dome. Objects and creatures inside the dome are protected from all harmful effects, including injury, ageing, hunger, or thirst. They are not, however, protected from boredom. The dome can be made to vanish by pressing the hemisphere a second time.

    The memory-erasing effects of the rings only affect the mind of an intelligent creature; notebooks, for example, are unaffected.

  31. #121: Insidious Pudding of the Killing-Lens

    This was an incident from a few years back. A particularly large transparent pudding came crawling out of the Disk’s rooms, shrugged off all attempts to stop it, and began oozing its way through the Jungle Hall. The Jungle People, annoyed at the destruction it was causing to their plants, launched a heavy magical attack and killed it. Unfortunately, the death of the creature caused its body to crystallise instantly into a supernatural lens. Light which passes through this lens causes rapid ageing in any living creature it shines upon. The original lens was shattered and disposed of by the Jungle People, but pieces of it are rumoured to still turn up here and there.

    It’s not known whether this was part of the pudding’s original purpose, or a side-effect of the magic used to slay it interacting with its own magical fields.

  32. #170: Sapphire Isles of the Dream-Lighthouse

    This broad pillar is about four metres high, and two across at the base. On the narrow head is perched a brilliant dodecahedron which shines a pale sky blue. It is constructed of the same kind of marble which the Stilt-Walker transmutes Castle bricks into, and was therefore probably built by it. The structure is positioned off to one side of a hall a couple of hours’ walk from the Stilt-Walker’s usual rooms.

    From the outside, the door of the structure seems to lead into a featureless blue light. Walking into this doorway transports one to a pocket dimension filled with an apparently-infinite number of floating islands of blue crystal, in an otherwise featureless expanse of white. One in eight islands has a copy of the pillar structure, which can be entered to leave the pocket dimension. Gravity acts uniformly downwards; the islands are close enough to each other that falling off one usually results in landing on a lower one after a moderate drop. The islands are all pentagonal in plan and about thirteen metres across.

    Falling asleep within the pocket dimension has a curious effect; the sleeper will consistently dream of wandering around within the pocket dimension itself.

  33. #342: Moth-Idol of the Entombed Jungle

    This marble statue was crafted by the Stilt-Walker and carried to the Jungle Hall by some of his golem-like creations. It is a non-animated depiction of some sort of flying creature with a barrel-like body and five great billowy wings. It stands about three metres tall and is perched on a marble plinth.

    Approaching within a few metres of the statue grants an extremely acute sense of spatial awareness. This awareness increases exponentially, rapidly giving one a sense of the enormous mass of stone from the body of the Castle hemming in around the Jungle Hall (where it is normally hard to see the chamber walls due to its immensity). This frequently causes extreme claustrophobic reactions even in those not normally prone to such things. Avians and other flying creatures find the experience quite horrifying. At least one person with an existing condition of claustrophobia has died from heart failure when exposed to the statue’s effect.

    Moving away from the statue relieves the sensation, although it is difficult to muster the will to move when under the claustrophobic effect.

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