A-Z Challenge Forfeit

A-Z 2013 BadgeI’m going to withdraw and mark this as a forfeit. I simply ran out of time before I have to move house (moving house in three days, April 30). I’ve been scrambling to get ready for that, tomorrow I break my office down, Monday I finish off disassembling furniture and signing papers, then Tuesday everything in my house that isn’t nailed down gets packed into a truck and moved about fifteen miles that way.

I am not disheartened.

I managed to complete twenty of the twenty-six days of the challenge, from ‘A’ (‘Alignment or Allegience?‘) through ‘T’ (‘Teratic Monster Design‘), with doubles on ‘I’, ‘P’, and ‘S’. I had two more posts outlined: ‘Unlike Any Other: Degrees of Uniqueness’ (expanding on distinctions between monsters of the same types and mechanics as described in Teratic Monster Design) and ‘Variations on a Theme: Teratic Monsters’ (demonstrating more examples of this, showing for several creature types how they can be varied and made more monstrous and/or inhuman without significantly changing them mechanically). I still plan to come back to these.

The posts for the challenge, in order:

Total 29,209
Letter Title Word Count
A Alignment or Allegiance? 1,702
B Books and Other Sources of Knowledge 1,673
C Cartography Styles in Seekers of Lore 992
D Demesnes-Level Gaming Resources 1,213
E Exploration, Seeing What There Is To See 1,958
F Fractal Game Design 1,756
G Generating Random Gaming Content 922
H Hex Population Density 1,434
I Inspiration — A-Z Cheap Shot 211
Imperial Scale to Manorial Scale in Mapping and Rulership 1,789
J Just Guess: Demographics in Seekers of Lore 632
K Kingdom Example: Random Kingdom 1,244
L Lexicon and Microscope: A Study of an Imaginary World 1,672
M Mythos and Madness: Becoming a Cultist for Fun and Prophet 2,760
N Neoplastic Press or Nerd-Crush, You Decide 644
O Old Schools: Swords & Wizardry 2,546
P Path Extensions: Transitions in Node-Based Design 470
Pathfinder Big Books 940
Q Quick Map, A Bit of Experimentation 333
R Religion in Seekers of Lore 1,687
S Swords & Wizardry Appreciation Day Contest 411
Spotlight: Raging Swan Press 706
T Teratic Monster Design 1,244

All in all I’m quite pleased with my writing. Over 29,000 words, and I believe some of my better articles of the last few years are in here.

Mind you, I’m going to have to go back and review them myself, they happened kind of quickly.


  1. Dale Poole


    I just wanted to say thanks for the great work this month. I found your blog via your article on Hex Population Density and read most of what was connected to that thread. It has been really useful in designing my own world.

    I am now a follower ;) Oh great sage, I await your next missive with abated breath!

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