ACK or Die! Session 3, Purging the Goblin Hall

Hey Pop, how’s it going?

Good, I’m glad your leg’s doing better.

I’m doing fine, thanks, but it was touch and go a couple times.

Y’know how I hooked up with that group and we cleaned out Paco’s salt mine?  Well, after that Father Oran asked us to look into a problem he was having at the church.  Turns out some goblins were breaking in from the sewer.  We captured one and killed the rest.

People have been getting sick lately.  After we killed those goblins in the sewer, Thatcher thought the goblins might have come back and were fouling the water.  Remember the goblin hall you told me about, upriver from here?  He asked us to go check it out and see if they were there, and it turns out they were.

We made our way upriver.  Met a group of goblin slavers, rescued the slave they were transporting and sent him back to town.  I should remember to check to see if he made it.  I’ll check with Bruke to see if he came to turn in the ears for the bounty.

Oh, just threw them into the bush after we killed ’em.  There wasn’t really a good time or place to bury ’em, and the river was already suspected to be tainted, no sense making it worse.

We found the goblin hall, talked about trying to smoke the goblins out, but figured that since we didn’t actually know where the holes all went and the wind was coming out of the hall instead of going in it wasn’t really worth it.  We went in and started exploring.  First room we came to we found a bunch of goblins… bullying, I guess, another one.  The bullies are all dead, and Curio made an offer to the goblin — serve Curio and get paid, or die.  The goblin took him up on it…

Yeah, I know, only good gobbo is a dead gobbo.  I wanted Curio to tell his new pet that I’m right behind him with my spear and I didn’t trust him.  Turns out the little sneak speaks Common.  Kinda.  Drew a map for us that wasn’t bad, only missed a couple of things.  We went around and started killing all the goblins.  See that stained javelin?  That’s gotta be a lucky javelin, I had a couple great kills.  Yeah, one was a goblin running away, right inna neck, the other was a gobbo sergeant.  Pow!  Right through the belly.  Both times it was easier to pull it the rest of the way through than pull it back out.

Oh yeah, found a shrine, too.  Had a skeleton looking guy in it, crumbled and fell to the floor when we hit it.  I heard “Tell Winnifrey I love her” in my head, and…

No, I don’t think I’m going crazy.  Not any more than any other adventurer, at least.

There was a secret room there.  Tried opening it, got stung by a trap and fell asleep.  I was okay, we found some treasure and a couple of magic dog statues that attacked us.

Treasure?  There was lots.  I think I can pay for William’s apprenticeship and put up dowry for Millie…

What?  The Little Sisters of No Mercy?  She got religion?  Well, okay.  That makes sense, I can’t imagine any man who would put up with her, that she would put up with.

William does still want to be a scribe, right?  He’s the smart one, he should have the chance.  I think Michael would be a better choice to take over here.  Smart enough to understand the work, strong enough to do the work, and wants to die in bed…

Well, maybe his own bed, but I’ve seen how the girls look at him.  I’ve got more money right now, but you told me that it doesn’t last, the faster it comes the faster it goes.  He inherits here and runs the place right, he’ll make a good husband.  Not a lot of good woodsmiths around, and I think he’s got plans to expand a bit.

I know it’s been tight.  I’ll do what I can to help out.  He’s got to build it on his own, it can’t depend on me for success, but I can help him get started, at least.

Found some people the goblins had captured, probably from the mines, and were using as slaves.  We rescued a couple of wardens, too, come to that.  Armed the folks with stuff we took from the goblins and the wardens brought ’em home.

Found a pair of big double doors, barred from this side.  Decided not to open ’em, whatever was in there could stay there for all of me.

Later we found a room with a couple of… squirmy things in ’em.  Whatever they were, they weren’t right.  One of ’em hit me and it knocked me out.

No, not inna head, you know I can take a hit to the head.  It just hit me in the arm and I hit the floor.  Goraj, the big lizard man, woke me up with some ‘Thrassian healing magic’ — slapping me upside the head.  Yeah, the head-beating woke me up, so you know whatever put me down wasn’t natural.

Found out what was causing the problem, too.  There was this jug pouring nasty black crud into a well, I’m guessing it led to the river.  Goraj tried to lift it down but dropped it and it smashed on the floor.  Just as well, I guess, problem solved either way and this looked like something that would be better to get rid of, really.

Decided to see what else was in here, try to find the ones behind this mess.  Next place we looked we found those guys who got run out of town.  Before I knew it there was screaming and fire and death.  Think one of ’em got away, Curio was saying something about a potion of gaseous form or something.  I dunno, but we got his stuff.

Well, we weren’t just going to leave it there, were we?  I dunno why we attacked, somebody did and I had to pick — fight and maybe survive, run, or try to explain it was all a mistake if my guys died.  Ended up capturing their leader, at least, he surrendered.

We waited for the fire to die down and then went back in.  Next room had some big wolves in cages.  Vesper killed ’em with his bow, which is a good thing because when we tried to leave the room somebody stepped on something and the cage doors opened.

That would’ve been ugly.

Then we found a room full of chanting goblins, all facing a zombie-looking thing on a throne and a gobbo shaman.  Goraj and I waded in with our heavy armor and between him and his claws, and me and this sword I found, we were chopping ’em down easy.

I know you like spears, Pop, and spears are good, especially that javelin over there.  But Curio told me this sword was magic, and looking at how good it worked I think he’s right.  Chop-chop, chop-chop, chop-chop through the goblins.  I’m still gonna carry spears, you can’t throw a sword, and spears can reach farther.  I’m gonna get one of them silvered, like the dagger we found.

Yeah, a dagger with a shiny blade covered in silver.  Curio told us it’s a burial dagger from somewhere far away.

I dunno what we’re gonna do with it.  But I remember you telling me about werewolves and stuff, and I figure if I can get a weapon that’ll work good against them I want one — and one that’ll keep ’em off me.  Those wolves I saw in the cages were scary enough, I don’t want ’em in my face.

So we killed all the goblins, except the ones that ran away, and even some of them.  Got some loot, the town’s happy with us, and we all survived.

Right, right, Curio’s pet.  He was helpful, I’ll give him that, but you’re right, that’s no reason to trust him.  I’ll keep my eye on him.

Night Pop.  Yeah, it’s been a long week, I’ll see you tomorrow.  I’ve got some stuff to do around town though.

The Red Lantern?  Well… we were given free passes, and you told me I shouldn’t waste things….

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