ACK or Die! Session 4, Ghouls, Ghouls, Ghouls

Hey Pop,

I can’t talk long, we’re in the middle of something here.

After we got back from purging the goblin hall we hung around Brighton for a little while we rested up.  Goraj held that big festival he was planning with all the fighting, I did a bit of shopping — got myself a warhorse, a better helmet, and some other gear, including a silvered spear.

Yeah, yeah, looks frivolous, but after finding that silvered dagger and thinking about the stories you told me, if we run into werewolves or something I want a weapon that’ll hurt them without having to get too close to them.

We hired a couple of the boys who wanted to get out of town and see a bit of the world.  We want someone to help watch over the camp and our horses when we have to do stuff.  We’re headed down to the castle where the elves took over, I think Vesper wants to talk to them, and I could do with some more travel, so I can get to know my horse.

We got to a little town, I forget the name, where they’ve got a ferry across to the peninsula so we don’t have to slog too far through swamp.  They used to have a dragon problem until they managed to kill it.

I’m not really happy about how they did it.  It was effective, I won’t disagree with that, but it wasn’t very good.  Maybe it was the best they could do under the circumstances.

In the meantime, they’ve got a problem with ghouls right now, and have hired us to check that out.  So far we’ve killed four, including one I ended up cutting in half with a coffin lid…

Well, you said a good warrior is adaptable.  I was pulling the lid off a coffin we thought might have something in it when a ghoul tried to jump out.  Goraj and Vesper hit it, I had a heavy coffin lid in my hands so I tried to pin it with the lid by sliding it shut again.  I guess I pushed too hard.

We just found a room with a hidden area in it with a couple of big red suits of armor.  Curio says they aren’t magic, but they look impressive.  I think I want one of them, but I remember that story you told me about the cursed armor… I think I’ll wait until I can have Father Oran take a look too.


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