ACK or Die! Session 5, Ghastly Stuff and Going Deeper

Hey Pop,

Last I told you, we were back in the village.  Well, we went back to the catacomb place and searched around some more.  Found a room with some crystal statues, and you were right again — mess with things like that, they’ll come alive and try to kill you.  We smashed ’em up right quick, and it looks like their eyes were gems of some kind, so we kept ’em.

A bit of searching found a hidden door.  I, uh, kind of broke it opening it, seems it was supposed to slide to the side, not get pushed straight in.  Ah well, it’ll be easy to find it next time.

Big coffin in there, some gold tracing on the lid.  It was locked, but as you told me as a kid, people don’t usually lock up worthless stuff.  You were right, there was some valuable stuff in there, a magic ring and this magic spear, good against undead.

I forgot something, though.  People also lock up stuff they don’t want getting out.  When I pulled the lid open this horrible stench came out and knocked some of us on our asses, puking our guts out.  Just as well Curio and Vesper hung back, they managed to kill whatever it was before it got out.

After that we went down some stairs we’d found and were in this big room with a pool of ice across the middle.  There was a broken-down bridge, but there were some kind of ice monsters.  We killed one of ’em, held the other three off with burning oil, and kept going.  That room led into a cave with a couple of big rock spider things.  They took some big chunks out of Goraj, but he was okay until we got back to town.

He’s still looking for some magic armor.  It’s weird, he’s getting upset that he’s not getting any magic items, but he’s saying there’s no real point in taking any of the ones we’ve found because he won’t use ’em.

Can you ask around Brighton and see if there’s any way to find some magic plate mail or a magic great helmet or a ring or magic gloves or magic fangs or something?  He doesn’t use weapons, so everybody else has been ending up with them.

Hope to be home soon, maybe in a week or two.


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