ACK or Die! Session 6, Suspicion and Exploration

Hi Pop,

Vesper figured that the stories we’d been told about the village problems might not be true.  The dragon ate the girls I told you about, so how could they be the ghouls bothering the village?  He also thinks the crypt we were exploring was there for a long time before the dragon came around.  He talked with the village elder and told them the village curse probably has nothing to do with the dragon.  If they get enough money he’ll try to find a priest to remove the curse.

I don’t really understand it.  They had a problem with ghouls, we killed ghouls.  The problem should be solved.

We went back to the crypt to explore some more.  We went through the crypt and into the caves. We find and fought a big metal snake.  The bites burned, turns out they were poisoned.

I am really starting to hate poison.  We smashed the snake.

We explored some more and found rooms with different kinds of elements.  A room full of lava that we didn’t explore because it was really hot and dangerous.  We went another way and found a room full of water with a big bridge, where we were attacked by a bunch of mudmen.  We were outnumbered, but knew that Goraj wouldn’t want to back down.  They weren’t so tough as we thought they might be.  Vesper went over the bridge and explored a bit, found a little cave with another of those stone spiders I told you about last time.  No big deal.

We followed the cave out into another hall with a room where we found another coffin.

Of course we looked in it.  Plugged our noses first this time, though, no way did I want to smell something like that last coffin.

Just some dead guy with some stuff.  Took the stuff.  Curio said it looked like he was trying to turn into some kind of undead wizard thing, so we threw the body into the lava before we left.

I think we’re off to Blackmarsh soon.  Vesper really wants to go talk with the elves, and he might be able to find a priest there to help the villagers.


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