Breaking… Rumor? D&D 5e in the Works?

Given the recent speculation based on posts at Wizards of the Coast, I thought I’d share something I just saw on Google+ (and the link to Margaret Weis’ comment it refers to).

Via Matthew Brenner:

In a recent post on the Dragonlance forums, Margaret Weis “confirms” that Wizards of the Coast is actively developing D&D 5e. You can get the details, the few there are, in the attached link.

True?  Not true?  Am I going to look like a dork when this is debunked?  No idea.


  1. I don’t think we need more dnd, but also I can respect that they must have staff doing something to keep the product moving. 5th ed will be interesting. If it is as much a departure from 4th as 3.5 to 4th was; it will certainly be a different product.
    Games like Pathfinder seem to have a very loyal following, and 4th feels far more like a computer game than a pen and paper game. But then I’m a grumpy old mongrel, so perhaps that is just me. I fidn 4th has too many “tokens” and “card” concepts.

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