Cleric Domains

The cleric domains, as posted in the System Reference Document, do not quite suit my campaign.  I’m adjusting them to better fit my prejudices and campaign requirements.

Domain Rules

Domain Skill

Each domain has an associated skill. A cleric adds the skills of all domains of his god to his list of class skills. If a god has more than one domain associated with a particular skill, the character receives a +2 bonus to all checks made using that skill. This does not allow him to use skills untrained if he could not already.

In my campaign the cleric class skill list has been greatly reduced; these domain skills take the place of those lost and tailor the trained abilities (skills) of the clerics to better suit their gods.

Domain Power

A cleric chooses two domains and may use the domain powers of those two domains. Where possible, I try to drive domain powers with Divine Channeling. This provides some greater flexibility to a cleric’s abilities (he isn’t constrained to using a particular power a specific number of times per day) while limiting him (he can only do so much in a day).

Wherever I can, I lose the ‘+1 spell caster level’ domain power; I find it flavorless and uninteresting.

A cleric may take the feat.extra-domain-power feat to choose another of his god’s domains and use that domain power.

Domain Spells

Each domain now has ten spells (from level 0 through level 9). A cleric can prepare spells from all domains of his god, and spontaneously cast spells from his two chosen domains. If he takes the Extra Spontaneous Domain feat he can spontaneously cast from more domains.

Note that in my campaign the ‘core cleric spell list’ is greatly reduced. Each group of gods (a pantheon may contain multiple groups) has its own list of ‘cleric spells’ that all clerics following gods of the group can cast. This list contains 3+-1 spells per spell level (mean of 3).



You gain Spell Resistance equal to 10 + your channeler level versus all spells with the [Evil] descriptor and spell-like abilities from creatures with the [Evil] subtype (though not spells cast by these creatures unless they have the [Evil] descriptor). You get the [Good] subtype.


Channel to lay on hands (restores hit points equal to those recovered by one day’s rest — HD + Constitution bonus.

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