D&D 5e’s Chance of Success… Poor

The Grumpy Dwarf at Tenkar’s Tavern has been riffing on (and ripping up) posts at Wizards of the Coast regarding their next edition of D&D (and I see there’s a new one up tonight, in response to today’s latest post at WotC about Balancing Wizards in D&D).

Discussing the new WotC post at Google+, I realized what it is that bugs me so much about D&D 5e.

The designers are flailing around because don’t know what they are doing.

This is not to say they are not good designers, or that they lack skill.

What they lack is a clear goal to give a sense of direction.  This explains the (poorly-prepared) polls, the back and forth on what it is they mean to achieve with this release.

The actual goals are not well-defined, which will make it almost impossible to achieve them.


  1. tussock

    But they do, they want the oldschool grognards, Pathfinder players, and 4e players to all sit down and feel like they’re playing a familiar game. That’s the goal. The only goal. Unsplit the market.

    May be a bit like herding cats. Catching lightning. Time Travel. Or it might be Stan, where Dido, Eminem, and Elton are all cool with it on their albums after all, because you really can do all sorts with it. It’s certainly … light.

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