Divine Trappings: Good Domains are Hard to Define

In fact, it looks like Good, Evil, Chaos, and Law domains are all hard to define.

Looks like I’ll need to mulligan this one. I tried drafting aspects for the alignment domains, and have concluded they will probably be the most difficult because they are so abstract.

For most domains, I can pretty easily find symbols and mental images that can be expected to suit. Plant domain symbols and colors, for example, are easy to identify: anything plant-based (leaves, trees, etc.), and greens and browns. Simple. Similarly, Artifice domain is about gears and tools, colors based on metals or other materials are pretty obvious choices.

What color is ‘good’? What symbolizes ‘good’? Ditto for evil, law, and chaos? I found while drafting this domains that almost everything was based on assumptions from my own background.

Now, that’s always going to be true. Death is associated with black… in western cultures. In eastern cultures, often white is associated with death. Even so, Death domain will be much easier than the alignment domains and less dependent on personal background and assumptions.

I have the sense the alignment domains are going to be sparsely populated at best. Even then, they’re likely to be kind of abstract and arbitrary.

I’m open to suggestions for how to approach domain aspects for the alignment domains.


    • Almost any association — whether color or not — is likely to be arbitrary. Even so, some symbolism is likely to be pretty universal, such as bones (skull or skeleton, say) for Death… but overall, yeah.

      I’m not even going to try to make the symbolism or color associations unique, colors especially not. It just feels bad to try to assign a color to ‘good’ or ‘evil’, though. “White, gold, silver! Wait… those are basically Christian color associations.”

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