Divine Trappings: Making Names for Myself

“Artifacts” is one of the more challenging domain template fields for me to fill in. I’m terrible at names, but have found tools to help.

In fact, I’ve kitbashed a few of them together, to give me a selection to work with. I started with this master table:

  1. &artifactType of &artifactOwner
  2. &artifactDescriptor &artifactType
  3. &artifactDescriptor &artifactType of &artifactOwner
  4. &artifactOwner’s &artifactType
  5. &artifactOwner’s &artifactDescriptor &artifactType
  6. &artifactDescriptorColor &artifactType of &artifactDescriptorColorNot
  7. &artifactType of &artifactDescriptorColorNot

(Syntax is because of a program I wrote >25 years ago… that I still use for this stuff astonishingly. I’ve recently thought about rewriting it to use more a modern language and whatnot, I’ve learned a lot since I wrote this one, but since it works I frankly can’t be arsed.)

These give me output such as

  1. Jewel of Dhamenggak, Crown of Rurtrux
  2. Sable Life Axe, Fire Gem
  3. Eternity Fang of Jallym, Ash Scepter of Vuren
  4. Akor’s Dagger, Tho-Malaugh’s Crystal
  5. Zolrak’s Rebirth Amulet, Oon’s Black Air Bow
  6. Jade Jade of Flame [well I would hope so! … okay, can’t all be winners], Pale Axe of Earth
  7. Crown of Water, Hand of Fire

As might be expected, not all the generated strings are winners, but that’s okay.

I can see from the output (I’ve seen many more output strings than you have, of course) that I really need more artifact types. Right now I’ve basically just got weapons, regalia, and body parts, and only small selection of each.

I’ve got ‘small god names’ tables from Matt Finch’s most excellent Tome of Adventure Design, some naming tables from Raging Swan, I’ve also got some general purpose tables (colors, materials) I’ve built up over time.

  1. Death Eye of Dol-Maugh
  2. Jewel of Dhamenggak
  3. Axe of Water
  4. Eternity Fang of Jallym
  5. Sword of Water
  6. Bow of Death
  7. Jade Jade of Flame
  8. Eye of Athasha
  9. Eye of Dereg
  10. Spear of Saern
  11. Green Ring of Flame
  12. Akor’s Dagger
  13. Fire Gem
  14. Wutomb’s Claw
  15. Zolrak’s Rebirth Amulet
  16. Claw of Death
  17. Yshzoa’s Life Hammer
  18. Hera-Phetha-at’s Ring
  19. Hand of Water
  20. Crown of Water
  21. Aquamarine Crystal of Water
  22. Belda’s Earth Fang
  23. Amulet of Earth
  24. Life Tooth
  25. Tolon Shaltoa’s Sand Axe
  26. Sable Life Axe
  27. Zitya’s Water Spear
  28. Knife of Earth
  29. Crown of Death
  30. Herak’s Hammer
  31. Hand of Ptoshoth
  32. Scarlet Amulet of Death
  33. Crown of Wind
  34. Fire Sword
  35. Ash Scepter of Vuren
  36. Wind Gem of Lotul
  37. Bareshtua’s Dagger
  38. Pale Axe of Earth
  39. Magenta Bow
  40. Storm Gem of Raveph
  41. Sleph’s Water Fang
  42. White Knife
  43. Hand of Fire
  44. Crown of Rurtrux
  45. Purple Wind Gem of Iqu-Aunros
  46. Oon’s Black Air Bow
  47. Ring of Starmetal
  48. Tho-Malaugh’s Crystal
  49. Gola’s Dagger
  50. Earth Claw
  51. Magenta Tooth of Qua-Quakeer
  52. Nol-Hotlat’s Earth Crystal
  53. Water Bow of Leng
  54. Orheshaeesh’s Air Crystal
  55. Moss Crown of Ythkal
  56. Verdant Jewel of Ankhagoriraj
  57. Eye of Tor-Sundirra
  58. Belor-Tua Yeus’s Black Life Hand
  59. Agate of Air
  60. Eye of Ash
  61. Moss Gem of Death
  62. Hand of Ir-Hotlat
  63. Sword of Life
  64. Red Water Spear
  65. Antimony Wind Sword
  66. Axe of Yg-Rurtrux
  67. White Fang of Breeze
  68. Air Crystal
  69. Direla’s Green Earth Knife
  70. Knife of Death
  71. Zhabor’s Tooth
  72. Rebirth Sword of Moles
  73. Scepter of Air
  74. Beryl Scepter
  75. Crystal of Rock
  76. Green Rebirth Alexandrite
  77. Axe of Breeze
  78. Thartya’s Bow
  79. Kal-Broth’s Sword
  80. Llag-Sundirra’s Crown
  81. Kirhena’s White Earth Axe
  82. Ring of Air
  83. Hammer of Yg-Cath
  84. Ra-irajtala’s Red Scepter
  85. Oang’s Ebon Air Scepter
  86. Crystal of Lamlath
  87. Amulet of Yolela
  88. Lhamrul’s Tooth
  89. Tooth of Zshoth
  90. Spear of Breeze
  91. Gilda’s Green Eye
  92. Green Hammer of Fire
  93. Knife of Wuatem
  94. Bluesteel Earth Amethyst
  95. Tooth of Life
  96. Axe of Oela
  97. Crown of Zyr-Carthe
  98. Amulet of Sandstone
  99. Hotlat’s Blue Flame Spear
  100. Magenta Fire Crown of Molashaagor

Now, I know almost nothing about any of these, but they can help me flesh out the domain aspects and the pantheon members as I exercise the deity template.

Closing Comments

Random generators can be great to have in my toolbox. I have to remember to not try to tune them too hard, so they only give ‘good’ results. This isn’t because I don’t want good results, but because trying to curate them too firmly means throwing away a lot of good options.

In other words, if you want to see weir stuff that looks imaginative, you need to accept that you’re going to see stuff that is good, bad, and ugly. I can be selective after I get the list; trying to be selective in generating the list limits the possibilities.

This is part of why I need these tools: when I try to invent things like names and so on, I internally self-restrict the output. Doing that with these tools defeats the purpose of creating these tools.

That said, it looks like entire categories of output records are of little interest to me. They may well get tuned out by the time I’m done.

In the meantime, I now have a hundred artifacts I can mine for the domain aspects, and I’ve got a way to get many more.

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