Divine Trappings: What Comes After?

We’re almost at the end of the 2024 A-Z Blog Challenge, and it seems that for the first time I’ve managed to stay entirely on topic.

I don’t think that’s happened before… it feels weird.

Anyway, with all I’ve written so far this month, what else is there to do?

Quite a bit, as it happens, before the product is finished.

Looking at my backlog, I see:

  • Finish drafting domain aspects (I’ve drafted 7/35 so far — 20%)
  • Polish the domain aspects, including updating the older ones to the new format.
  • Finishing building out the random tables — I’ll have several per domain, but also a fair number of supporting tables.
    • I had no idea when I started that random tables were going to be part of this, but I’m finding a lot of value to them already.
  • Gather the random tables into a workbook.
  • Draft remaining topics in the book
    • Duties (based on Hungers of a Patron, but can be beefed up).
    • Quests (I started this last week but got sidetracked).
    • Dogma/Tenets (barely touched on! I expected to do this weeks ago).
    • Portfolio to domain mapping.
    • How to apply aspects.
    • Generating deity names… I’ve got several tables for this, but I didn’t write them. I should probably do something of my own for the book.
  • Review monsters (4,312 of them), characters (1,758 of them), and templates (440 of them) to identify how they might be associated with domains.
    • … not looking forward to this one. I’ll do it, but probably won’t post it here.
  • Example Deities… at a minimum, a selection of deities to illustrate, but it might be a full pantheon.
    • I started drafting one a couple weeks ago and haven’t touched it since.

All in all, a fair bit of writing and development to do.

This doesn’t even touch on the changes and updates I need to make (finish making… I started a while ago and got stalled) to my publishing workflow.

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