Experimental Mapping Techniques

Experimental rivers and forests

I thought I might explore a bit with some techniques.

  • my rivers needed help.  I like how they look now, though it does make for some fiddly work.
  • I’m becoming comfortable with this method of drawing forests, though I’m going to stop doing them piecemeal — I’ll note where I want them while I’m doing my rough work, but since they are perhaps the most subject to change as other map elements are added I’ll leave them as rough markings.
  • I wanted to try some different water effects.  I like the shore effects I was getting, but I wanted to go back to basics while I work on the river appearances.

So, like the rivers (shapes are good, they can use some touching up to make them more visible), forests are coming nicely (need to practice some more to get the form selection better, I think), water… not so much.

I might look into mountains some more soon, and hills.  I think the forest technique can be reused there, to some extent.  I liked how water and shore looked in my previous maps, so if I can get that to interact with the rivers better I may shift back to that.

On the other hand, I suppose I could explore line-based maps instead.  They’re not nearly so picky on color and texture matching… but they often don’t look as pretty.

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