Eye of Fire


The Eye of Fire is a caldera lake over an active volcano. From above it is almost perfectly circular, a deep blue (except for some red of magma visible at the bottom), and steaming hot. It is said to be a holy site of the good god of the elements.

The Brotherhood of the Eye is an obscure order of paladins. Their headquarters is in the caldera, about a quarter mile from the shore of the lake. Their major rituals (including investiture) usually involve immersion in the lake.

Game Mechanics

  • It is hot in the caldera.
    • Within 100 feet of the shore of the lake is considered “severe heat” (above 110 degrees F).
    • Within 1000 feet of the shore of the lake is considered “very hot” (above 90 degrees F).
    • The Brotherhood’s headquarters is close enough to the lake to be uncomfortable to live there (until you get used to it), but not dangerous.
    • There are places around the lake that qualify as “extreme heat” (over 140 degrees F).
  • It is also hot in the lake. A splash hurts (but does no damage), immersion deals 4d6 scalding damage per round. The water gets hotter toward the bottom of the lake (at the bottom it is considered “boiling” and does 10d6 scalding damage per round).
  • During the rituals of the Brotherhood of the Eye, key participants in the ritual enter the water. Those in good standing with their god are protected from the heat and emerge with reddened but undamaged skin. Those who are not in good standing take damage normally.
  • The caldera has an affinity for holy and elemental magics. Items created here that have most of their enchantment coming from these groups have their base XP costs reduced by half.

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