Fantastic Locations: The 6 Weirdest Cities People Actually Live In

I have to thank Fustians So Sublimely Bad for this one.  The linked Cracked article describes some of the stranger places people actually live.

In descending order:

  1. Neft Dashlari: A Russian oil rig that got out of hand
  2. Manshiyat Naser: Cairo’s garbage town
  3. Miyake-jima: A Japanese volcano town that is frequently covered in deadly sulfurous gas
  4. Yellow Fleet: A small fleet of abandoned ships in the Suez Canal
  5. Dwarf City: A Chinese city full of little people
  6. Kowloon Walled City: An anarchic city of 33,000 in 0.01 square miles that apparently actually worked for thirty years, until the Chinese government tore it down.

If you’re looking for inspiration for a cyberpunk or distopian future setting, I’d start my research here.  Wow.

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