Generating Hoards by the Cards, Worksheets

I cobbled together a quick worksheet for choosing general items for each treasure type and tier.  I want the value of the treasure associated with each card to generally trend upward with the rank of the card (Aces low), and the value between tiers to roughly triple.  The values within a tier (and between the top cards of one tier and the lower cards of the next) overlap, giving something of a smooth curve.

Treasure Type Worksheet

The worksheet for each treasure type shows the tiers from Basic-2 (which is to say, mundane mice) through Epic (levels 21..24 in D&D 3.x terms).  Between running out of room and deciding that frankly I’m a long way from needing hoards that expensive it wasn’t worth the time right now.

Hoard Treasure Type Worksheet (links to PDF)

It does take some small writing to make things fit, or short forms of names (such as ‘scroll 3’ for ‘scroll of third-level spell’).

Hoard Workbook

I put together a workbook with facing pages for each hoard.  I have nine tiers shown in the worksheet above, I plan to create a general hoard workbook with each pair of facing pages populated with the entries shown for each treasure type.

That is, one pair of facing pages showing the ‘Basic’ treasures for each treasure type, another pair of facing pages showing the ‘Expert’ treasures for each treasure type, and so on.  I figured I might as well put the empty workbook up for use as well.

Hoard Workbook
Hoard Workbook, links to PDF

Somewhat more room per cell than the worksheet, though it’s still a little cramped.

Closing Comments

Still a work in progress, but I think it’s going well.

I hope you’re enjoying this and will find it useful.

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