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Doom that Came to Atlantic City
Doom that Came to Atlantic City

After the rotten news about The Doom that Came to Atlantic City late last week (namely that it was not going to happen, and that the project owner was going to work really hard to get us refunded), a lot of people were pretty sad, angry, and otherwise not happy.

Cryptozoic Entertainment just did something that will make a bunch of people very happy indeed.

From Keith Baker’s blog:

Cryptozoic Entertainment is going to produce The Doom That Came To Atlantic City… And send it to the backers free of charge. If you backed the game, Cryptozoic will be providing you with as many copies of the game as you were due to receive. They can’t fulfill all of the rewards that were promised by The Forking Path, but they are going to evaluate the rewards and see what else they can do. If you’re a backer, expect to hear from Cryptozoic in the next few days with more information.

No word yet on the pewter figures, but I suspect they are part of what would be “can’t fulfil all of the rewards that were promised by The Forking Path”. However, as cool as it would be to get them, I can totally understand that, and since we are still due to be refunded by Forking Path I really can’t complain in the least about not getting them.

Cryptozoic, you’re doing an awesomely cool, and coolly awesome, thing. Thank you. Many thank yous. For me, it’s exciting that I can still expect to get the game, but it pleases me immensely that Keith and Lee get to see their dream happen and this game be published as it should be.


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