Horrific Monster Book: Lusus Naturae

A-Z 2014 HEmphasis on the wrong word there. Lusus Naturae — Freaks of Nature — is a book of horrific monsters. However, being ‘H’ day, something had to give.

I’ve been a fan of Rafael Chandler’s RPG work for a while now. I’ve reviewed his Teratic Tome, I’ve posted about what I learned from it, and I’ve delved a bit into how to make monsters teratic. He’s a reliable source of the weird, and silly as this may sound, his monsters actually are monstrous. Most RPG monsters are potential threats and may need heroic treatment (kill it! and take its stuff!), but Rafe’s monsters inspire a “fuck fuck fuck get it off me kill it with fire!” reaction in me — and the exact order of ‘get it off me’ and ‘kill it with fire’ is not absolute. I want them away from me, now.

Obviously, I’m impressed by his work, especially Teratic Tome. Rafael is releasing a new monster book, Lasus Naturae, and it looks to be even freakier. The Lusus Naturae Kickstarter project is well-funded and funding ends soon… and it’s only $2,000 from its sole stretch goal, going to full color.

“What’s the difference?” you may ask?

Well, here’s are a black and white line drawing of the Monstruct, and the same picture in color. I think it evident that the black and white looks good, but color adds something… special.

The Kickstarter project closes in three days. If horrific monsters interest you, please back this. I’d really like to see this happen in full color.

Monstruct (color)
Monstruct (color)
Monstruct (black & white)
Monstruct (black & white)

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