Kickstarter: Reaper Miniatures Bones: An Evolution Of Gaming Miniatures

I wish I could justify this one to myself, but at this point:

  • I have no need for miniatures, all my RPG play is via Hangout right now;
  • I have no time for miniatures, I’m busy working on other things;
  • I have no space for miniatures, unless I just want to dump them in a box somewhere;
  • I have no paint for miniatures, so that is further expense.
But gods how I want this anyway.

They’re going gangbusters over there, and the stretch goals add to their sweet spot backer level ($100).  When I last looked (i.e. when I created this post), here’s what you get in the $100 level:

…  if the image is missing, it’s because Reaper added more and changed the image, and the old one died.  Go to the Kickstarter project to see the current set and I’ll update this when I find out…

Reaper Miniatures Bones: An Evolution Of Gaming Miniatures

They are currently funded 479,744/30,000, and the project doesn’t close until August 25.

Hmm.  Mom’s birthday is August 26, maybe as a birthday present?  (No, I know, bad idea… right up there with the time Dad bought her a wheelbarrow for Christmas.)


  1. Nik

    One quick warning for anyone to whom it might matter: This Kickstarter is for Reaper’s plastic “Bones” minis line, rather than their pewter Dark Legends or Warlords lines. They’re adding tons of their pewter minis sculpts to the Bones line with this Kickstarter, as well as several brand new sculpts.

    That said, since these are unpainted and higher quality plastic than, say, the Wizards minis were, they hold a startling amount of detail for plastic minis.

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