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I like watching Kickstarter for new projects.  I think the pledge model is a wonderful way to get things off the ground.

I’d really like to see Ben’s latest project, “Encounters ~ Plots ~ Places“, make it to production.  He’s about a fifth of the way there now, and a quarter of the time has passed.  If this kickstarter is successful you can get a copy of the softcover when it’s done for $15, and the minimum pledge is even smaller than that.  Ben’s got a proven track record, I’ve seen him get another project out (Argyle & Crew), and you don’t actually spend anything until the goal is met.

Also, and I’m not sure if this is encouragement or not, but one of the entries in this book will be based on one of my ideas.

Please give this project a look, and if it interests you, pledge and support it.

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  1. This sounds kind of interesting, I’ll go for it!

    I was thinking of doing some setting books, clear my ideas file out a bit. Maybe I can use a kickstarter project to help get a few pennies for it! Have to be an American to start a project, apparently. FINE, I’ll fund it myself!

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