Movers and Shakers Roundup

My apologies for not getting the roundup done until now. When I signed up to host the RPG Blog Carnival this month I knew two of my peers (in a three-person team at work) were retiring, I didn’t know we would only have replaced one of them so far and that he was going to be on vacation all month. I’ve been too busy to give this time around the proper attention; there were a couple more articles I’d intended to write that I never found time for.

However, we still saw some good articles posted for the roundup.

I had the honor of first post, talking about the Hall of Infamy, which I first saw described by Kevin Crawford of Sine Nomine Publishing. A small amount of planning can save you some embarrassment later by laying groundwork regarding powers of the region.

Next up, Gonz of Codex Anathema wrote about The Magnificent Order of the Nine Hierocracies, who drive things behind the scenes in the Kingdom of Galifar, in Eberron.

Faith of Pitfalls and Pixies wrote about several NPCs who are Movers and Shakers of Faustus Kil. They are generally less powerful than I would expect when I think of ‘movers and shakers’, but that’s totally okay. They are intriguing recurring characters who tamper with the PCs’ world, which fits the theme nicely.

Then Tom Stephens of The Expanding Frontier describes, or rather, greatly expands on, The Streel Mega-corp of the Star Frontiers setting. He details everything from the discovery of the planet the Streel Mega-corp was founded on, through the Great Sathar War some internal struggles amongst the survivors that brought a new hand to the helm, and how they’ve grown since then.

Then Gonz is back to wrap it up in The Cat Among the Pigeons, with a sinister plan by a Ravnican mastermind to bring about the Sliver Apocalypse.

Not a huge turnout, compared to some of the carnivals I’ve hosted, but given how little attention I could spare it, that’s fair. Thanks to all who posted to this carnival, and hopefully I can do better next time.

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