Node-Based Megadungeon (Halfway) Complete Graph

GreyKnight asked if I was going to put up a graph of the entire megadungeon.

I was planning to, and have been working on one as I develop the various areas.  A few things will change as I do so (such as merging the maintenance tunnels around the Abandoned Tower, Fungoid Cavern, Clockwork Hell and Dwarven Safehold, I don’t need three nodes where one will work), and the layout certainly will as I add more material to the node map.

The Fungoid Cavern section is just a placeholder, I needed to introduce a few intermediate nodes to Graphviz wouldn’t choke on laying it out — can’t have two nodes mutually higher than each other.  The layout is not perfect.  I can see places where manual placement would work better and the appearance would change somewhat (the Wolf Den should surround the Goblin Warren more than is shown here, for example).

However, this does illustrate fairly well, I think, how it is coming together, and just how big this is getting.

Megadungeon Halfway Complete


  1. Ken

    I stumbled here via via and just wanted to say WOW! I love the node design project and I too can’t wait to see a pdf version. Awesome stuff.

    • I’m glad you enjoy it. I have not yet decided to do a PDF, but I’m leaning that way. As the project continues I have found things I’d do slightly differently now that I know more, and places where it can be polished.

      I realized this morning that encounter tables or lists for the various locations would be quite appropriate, and just about started working on them before I remembered I haven’t finished my first pass over the regions.

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