Node-Based Megadungeon: Information Paths

In developing the megadungeon, most of the graphs concentrated on the physical relationships between the nodes.  In the introductory post I  mentioned that those weren’t the only relationships possible and presented a sample of what it might look like if the information relationships were shown.

Now that I’ve finished outlining the megadungeon I thought it might be worth highlighting the information paths.  I moved back to the high-level diagram because

  • the detailed diagram didn’t really add much to the point being made;
  • the links are between different levels (the Goblin Shaman can tell you a bit about Baalshamoth, the link goes to the Fane as a whole rather than a specific node within the Fane);
  • the original example was at the high level;
  • the detailed graph is frankly too big to handle easily as an image.

The diagram below was made by updating the original diagram with changes made during development (a few added physical relationships) and the information relationships that don’t follow the physical relationships (such as the Goblin Shaman knowing of Baalshamoth).  The information paths are highlighted in green.

[note for those using GraphViz: the attribute used to control whether a particular edge changes the node order is constraint=false.]

Megadungeon, with Information Paths

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