Okay, Important Lesson

When using the feedwordpress plugin, do not point it back at your site so you ‘download your own posts’.  They collide with the original ones and take over the originals… and when you remove the feed it might (and did in my case, because I told it to) stomp on the original post.

Thankfully they were mostly captured somewhere else, but I’ll have to reload them.

Yeah, misfeature followed by stupid user mistake.

Also, figures that I would have an article today that is drawing more traffic than usual… that got nuked shortly after I posted it, before Google Reader picked up on it.

If anyone has the text of my last post, “My Favorite D&D”, I would consider it a kindness if you could send it to me.  That took most of my lunch break to write.

Okay, all fixed.  I left out one post no one seemed interested in, but otherwise it’s good to go.  I rewrote ‘My Favorite D&D’, and I think I like this version better anyway.

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