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Owen KC Stephens is currently undergoing radiotherapy for cancer that went undetected for a decade. In the USA, this is really expensive. We want to help him.

If you’ve played an RPG in the last little while (as in ‘in the last twenty years or so’), odds are quite good you’ve seen, read, and enjoyed something Owen has worked on. As this bundle is up at DriveThruRPG, odds are even higher. A brief bit taken from his resume:

Hi, I’m Owen K.C. Stephens. I’m a tabletop RPG writer, developer, consultant, and publisher. I’ve worked on official products for four editions of Dungeons & Dragons, two editions of Pathfinder, and also the tabletop rpgs The Black Company, Call of Cthulhu, d20Modern, Dragon Age, EverQuest, Fantasy AGE, Gamma World, Everyday Heroes, The Song of Ice and Fire, Thieves World, and Wheel of Time. I’m also the co-creator of the Starfinder and Star Wars Saga Edition rpgs, and founder of Rogue Genius Games.

Owen is a good friend to many creators and publishers across the industry (look at the list below!). We want to help him, but there’s a limit to what we can do medically (nobody’s the right class and level to cast remove disease). Surgery is inadvisable, chemotherapy didn’t do the job, now we’re down to radioactive lasers shooting him in places no one wishes to be shot.

Instead, this bundle aims to help relieve his financial burden. Not only have the publishers below contributed to this bundle, DriveThruRPG is taking only a 10% cut: 90% of all proceeds — $27 per bundle sold — goes to Owen.

  • 2 Kings Games, LLC
  • AAW Games
  • Ad Infinitum Adventures
  • Applied Vectors
  • Catacombs & Comedians
  • Darrin Drader Designs
  • Echelon Game Design
  • Evil Robot Games
  • Fainting Goat Games
  • Fat Goblin Games
  • Legendary Games
  • McNabb Games
  • Monster Mage Games
  • Nerdburger Games
  • Production Platform 3
  • Random Wyvern Publishing
  • Rogue Genius Games
  • Rusted Iron Games
  • Schwalb Entertainment
  • Tabletop Adventures, LLC
  • Wandering Star LLC

Please help us support our friend.

Owen KC Stephens is RAD! by Jacob Blackmon

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