#Pantheon23: 01-00 Domain Assignments

As might be expected, I’m starting with Polyhedral Pantheons techniques.

This first pantheon used ‘guided selection’. I made sure all alignments are present, then assigned domains in ways that seemed to fit at least some of the secondary domains. For instance, ‘Travel’ (site L) got assigned because Weather and Luck both can be significantly related, as can Chaos (no, I don’t like traveling… I don’t mind being somewhere else, but I dislike going somewhere else). Not all domain pairings will make obvious sense, and I’m quite okay with that. The obvious pairings help ground the pantheon in ways that meet peoples’ expectations, I find the inobvious pairings tend to lead to the more interesting explanations.

SiteAlignmentWeightPrimary DomainSecondary Domains
1LN3LawRepose, War, Nobility
2N0SunStrength, Knowledge, Travel
3N1PlantRepose, Darkness, Community
4CN2ChaosTrickery, Liberation, Travel
5NE2EvilWar, Trickery, Strength
6N2DestructionDarkness, Liberation, Glory
7N3ArtificeRepose, War, Rune
8N0ProtectionCommunity, Knowledge, Glory
9NG2GoodNobility, Darkness, Liberation
10N0MagicRune, Community, Knowledge
11N0AnimalNobility, Trickery, Liberation
12N0FireRune, Strength, Knowledge
13N2DeathWar, Nobility, Trickery
14N0WeatherLiberation, Glory, Travel
15N0MadnessWar, Rune, Strength
16N0WaterDarkness, Community, Glory
17N1EarthRepose, Rune, Community
18N0LuckTrickery, Strength, Travel
19N3HealingRepose, Nobility, Darkness
20N0AirKnowledge, Glory, Travel
ALN5ReposeLaw, Plant, Artifice, Earth, Healing
BLE4WarLaw, Evil, Artifice, Death, Madness
CLG4NobilityLaw, Good, Animal, Death, Healing
DN1RuneArtifice, Magic, Fire, Madness, Earth
ENG3DarknessPlant, Destruction, Good, Water, Healing
FN0CommunityPlant, Protection, Magic, Water, Earth
GCE3TrickeryChaos, Evil, Animal, Death, Luck
HNE1StrengthSun, Evil, Fire, Madness, Luck
IN3LiberationChaos, Destruction, Good, Animal, Weather
JCG0KnowledgeSun, Protection, Magic, Fire, Air
KN1GloryDestruction, Protection, Weather, Water, Air
LCN1TravelSun, Chaos, Weather, Luck, Air

Normally I’d wait until a little later in the process to assign weights to the domains, indicating which domains and related portfolios are important to the underlying culture. This usually works best once I’ve got a sense for the pantheon, but in this case I decided to give this pantheon a focus on ‘creation and destruction’ (represented here by Artifice and Destruction) and ‘life and death’ (Healing, Death, and Repose). After seeing the initial weight frequencies (hint: very bottom-heavy) I gave the alignment domains some weight as well. Weights assigned to a deity’s primary domain are doubled by default.

This gives me the following weight frequencies and

  • 1 ‘weight 5’ deity (greater deity, likely head of pantheon)
    • Repose (Law, Plant, Artifice, Earth, Healing)
  • 2 ‘weight 4’ deity (greater deities)
    • War (Law, Evil, Artifice, Death, Madness)
    • Nobility (Law, Good, Animal, Death, Healing)
  • 6 ‘weight 3’ deities (intermediate deities)
    • Law (Repose, War, Nobility)
    • Artifice (Repose, War, Rune)
    • Healing (Repose, Nobility, Darkness)
    • Darkness (Plant, Destruction, Good, Water, Healing)
    • Trickery (Chaos, Evil, Animal, Death, Luck)
    • Liberation (Chaos, Destruction, Good, Animal, Weather)
  • 5 ‘weight 2’ deities (lesser deities)
    • Chaos (Trickery, Liberation, Travel)
    • Evil (War, Trickery, Strength)
    • Destruction (Darkness, Liberation, Glory)
    • Good (Nobility, Darkness, Liberation)
    • Death (War, Nobility, Trickery)
  • 6 ‘weight 1’ deities (lesser deities)
    • Plant (Repose, Darkness, Community)
    • Earth (Repose, Rune, Community)
    • Rune (Artifice, Magic, Fire, Madness, Earth)
    • Strength (Sun, Evil, Fire, Madness, Luck)
    • Glory (Destruction, Protection, Weather, Water, Air)
    • Travel (Sun, Chaos, Weather, Luck, Air)
  • 12 ‘weight 0’ deities (demigods)
    • Sun (Strength, Knowledge, Travel)
    • Protection (Community, Knowledge, Glory)
    • Magic (Rune, Community, Knowledge)
    • Animal (Nobility, Trickery, Liberation)
    • Fire (Rune, Strength, Knowledge)
    • Weather (Liberation, Glory, Travel)
    • Madness (War, Rune, Strength)
    • Water (Darkness, Community, Glory)
    • Luck (Trickery, Strength, Travel)
    • Air (Knowledge, Glory, Travel)
    • Community (Plant, Protection, Magic, Water, Earth)
    • Knowledge (Sun, Protection, Magic, Fire, Air)

I’m pretty happy with what I see so far. I don’t yet know what it all means, but I have enough that I can leave it to percolate overnight and come back.

Tomorrow! Let’s see what I have tomorrow!

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