Patreon Support: Mark Gedak and Monsters of Porphyra II

While it’s been quite a while since I announced a Kickstarter project I was backing (though that hasn’t stopped me from backing Kickstarter projects), I think it may be time to start announcing Patreon artists I’d like to support.

Today, it’s Mark Gedak, primary mover behind Purple Duck Games and the Grand OGL Wiki. He’s started a patreon… campaign? (I’m not so certain of the vocabulary here) to gain some patronage for creating “Monsters of Porphyra II”, recovering and upgrading monsters from earlier OGL releases that might otherwise be lost and creating new ones.

Seeing how I love monster books, it’s obvious why I want to see this succeed.

Mark is good people, firm supporter of the OGL and Pathfinder (and DCC, and a few other things), helpful, and produces some excellent game references (I dread his product announcements because they ultimately lead to my wife yelling at me about DriveThru purchases… again). The highest-tier pledge ($5.00 per monster or template) might almost pay for itself in free PDFs during the patronage period, closely enough that I’m trying to decide if I should jump at it or not.

The milestone goals are commendable, too. At $8 per monster or template — and he’s almost halfway there as I look — each one goes up on the Grand OGL Wiki for free download. At $25 there is new art for each conversion — which means he’s not simply pocketing the money, he’s rolling it into the produced material, I’ve seen what bespoke art can cost!  At $45 per monster there are at least two new ones per month suggested by patrons, and these are a lot more work.

I’ll be backing this one as soon as I can figure out how to avoid the ire being raised at home.

Alchemical Hound, by Kristen Collins
Alchemical Hound, by Kristen Collins

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