RPG Blog Planet Coming Soon

This isn’t the announcement I was hoping to post today, I’ve got some more work to do before I’m ready to open the doors on the RPG blog planet.

Things are coming along, but I am now looking for more data.  Right now I’m pulling from a couple of my own blogs, plus a couple more who said they’d sign up when this goes live (thanks Brendan and Erik!), but I could really use a broader sample.  Twenty feeds would be good, fifty better, a hundred would be crazy great.  I need to see how the various templates and widgets and doodads and thingamies work when I’ve got a broader set of blogs.  Not all feeds are the same, so making sure everything works properly needs a fair bit of varied input.

Yes, I could just grab some feeds and remove them later, but I don’t really like doing that.  For something like this I’d like to see opt in, and it saves me time later.

If you’d like to help out, please leave the name of your blog and/or the RSS feed in a comment below, or send it via the contact form.

As described, the new RPG blog planet will pull the feed and store the articles in their entirety for search and indexing reasons, but will display only excerpts to readers.


  1. Hi Chuck, John, and Fitz. Thanks for volunteering. I missed your comments when posted because Akismet falsely identified them as spam, and I just got time to review that today.

    I hope to have my baseline features implemented this weekend or early next week. I’d really like to be able to open the doors August 1.

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