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Seekers of Lore

Now that the Microscope session is complete, time to move into the Lexicon phase.

This should be much simpler, really. The Seekers of Lore Obsidian Portal site there is a wiki. The front page of the wiki has a link to instructions on using the wiki, how to create pages, and edit them. Obsidian Portal uses a markup language called Textile, and it’s pretty straightforward.

It is now January 12. We had originally planned twelve week-long turns, starting from the beginning of January and taking us to nearly the end of March. If we start the first turn today, twelve weeks would run to the first weekend of April (turns end Saturday midnight, so the last turn would end April 5).

As described in the proposal,

  • One turn per week, for three months, for a total of twelve turns. Probably kick off at the beginning of January and run through the end of March. Starting January 12 and running to April 5, now that we’ve done the Microscope session.
    • Turn ends Saturday midnight (Pacific time, since that’s where I live… and Saturday night I’m usually in a game until 9:00-10:00 PM Pacific time).
    • Posts are live by Sunday morning and ready for review.
    • New topics identified or ‘reserved’ by Tuesday midnight, if we want to avoid collisions. We might not; two Scholars duking it out academically could be entertaining… but it might work better as a special event thing.
  • At least two articles per week.
    • One article is net new and is whatever is of interest to the Scholar. If you want to write about the sacrificial magics of the Shawloon savages, despite there really being nothing else about the Shawloon in the wiki, or of sacrificial magic anyway, go ahead. It’s a bit of obscure knowledge and it seeds some ideas.
    • At least one article that expands on, adds to, or otherwise builds off an existing article — written by someone else. If you talk about the sacrificial magics of the Shawloon savages, I might pick up on the Shawloon element and start talking about the geography of their homeland and just why they are savages, someone else might explore sacrificial magics across the realm.
    • Note that graphical elements (maps, pictures, etc.) are entirely welcome as well, but not required.
    • Each article is signed by the Scholar who wrote it (though it would be cool if the Scholar were evident on reading).

In order to edit pages in the wiki, you will need to be a member of the Seekers of Lore campaign. Everyone who took part in the Microscope session already is, anyone else who would like to join will need to contact me so I can add you.

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