Seekers of Lore: Microscope Age of Gods Round 1

Seekers of Lore
Seekers of Lore

Being my setting, I was Lens for the first round.

Age of Gods, Round 1

Lens: Keith

Focus: The First Civilization

Eras Defined

  • Period: By the Grace of the Gods
  • Period: Rise of the Tribes [light] [Keith, after By the Grace of the Gods]
    The Kreshtar nomads (horse-riding nomadic savages) start to band together in the Plains of Kresh under the banner of Chieftain Toresh.

    • Event: Ssthar Betrayal [dark] [Keith, during Rise of the Tribes]
      The Ssthar (snake tribe) of the Kreshtar attempt to usurp control and poison most of Chieftain Toresh’s family.
    • Event: Death of Orospeal [light] [David, before Ssthar Betrayal]
      The trickster god Hrundal emerges from his hiding place in the body of Orospeal and slays Orospeal; the dead god’s body falls upon the Plains of Kresh.
    • Event: Kresh’s Ceasing Hammer [light] [Levi, during By the Grace of the Gods]
      Upon recognizing the ingenuity of the Dwiran architects, Kresh stopped hammering flat the continent of Idruit, thereby ending his onslaught.
    • Event: The Burdening [light] [Andrew, before Death of Orospeal]
      Selrichi created the ultimate mortal in horse shape. When the mortals refused thoughtless obedience, he stripped most of their intellect and gave them over to bipeds as slaves.
  • Period: Birth of the Jesophs [dark] [Grey, after Rise of the Tribes]
    A group of gods touch certain mortals with power to raise up rulers for them.  The jesophs are kept immortal by this power.  But some begin to abuse their position.

    • Event: Temptation of the Toresh [dark] [Keith, during Birth of the Jesophs]
      The weak Chieftess Shaeleth, of the Line of Toresh, the founding leaders of the Kreshtar tribes, is offered power by the gods to bring her people back to prominence. She accepts, becoming first of the Jesophs.

      • Scene: The Lost One [light] [Keith, during Temptation of the Toresh]
        The middle child of Chieftess Shaeleth learned of her mother’s plans and evaded the warriors sent to collect her. She is the only one of her line not bound to the gods who offered her mother power. In doing so, she gathered a small force of warriors who gain purpose in redeeming the dishonor of their people: The Band of Spears.
  • The Coming Storm [dark]


The bad blood between the Ssthar and the Toresh line.

  • Event: The Kreshtar Rebellion [dark] [Grey, after Temptation of the Toresh]
    The Ssthar manipulate emotions (doesn’t take much) amongst the tribes against the jesophs, creating a popular uprising that forces the immortals to flee Kreshtar lands.  The Ssthar are voted to power by a landslide… and shortly become worse tyrants than the jesophs ever were.

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