Subterranean Design

From time to time I run into a site full of pictures or stories that inspire me. I’ve included a few links to such sites in the past.

Subterranean Design is one that check out every time I get a post in my aggregator.

Dau go cave – Halong – Vietnam
Dau go cave – Halong – Vietnam

Subterranean Design, as I have mentioned before, is a wonderful source of evocative pictures. I’ve been posting mostly pictures of caves and caverns, but there are quite a few man-made structures (especially mines, vaults, and various tunnels, including sewer tunnels) as well. Some of them end up fairly creepy and I can easily see using them for supernatural adventures or games.

Mind you, they don’t restrict themselves to just underground locations. They also include other pictures of ruins and similar sites.

I’ve added this to the Hall of Fame under Sources of Inspiration.


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