The Power of Random

I may have mentioned that my son and his friends are interested in playing Pathfinder RPG.  I offered to run a few sessions, and realized this is a good opportunity to get my West Marches-style sandbox off the ground.

I broke out some old tools, including a random-table-roller I built… 12-14 (d3+11) years ago, maybe? and constructed a set of tables out of Matt Finch’s Tome of Adventure Design to get some ideas of places to put in the sandbox.  I messed with things a little; instead of just the three sets of tables provided, I mixed and matched between them.

The first fifty results I got:

  • Birthing-Boxes of the Carnal Horror
  • Blue Isles of the Ancestral Frame
  • Breathing Dungeons of the Flame-Hunters
  • Bronze Jungle of the Guard-Farm
  • Brooding Cellars of the Bandit Nomads
  • Calcified Garden of the Flying Tribe
  • Calcified Pits of the Witch Caverns
  • Circuitous Sanctuary of the Jewel Titan
  • Clay Mansion of the Lion-Wizard
  • Collapsing Edifice of the Feral Guardian
  • Collapsing Island of the Elemental Minotaur(s)
  • Confessional Game of the Monkey-Golem
  • Confluent Portal of the Howling Druid
  • Crude Grotto of the Cockroach-Hybrid
  • Crumbling Outpost of the Loathsome Goddess
  • Crypt-Fountain of the Flame-Tribe
  • Crypt-Swamp of the Centipede-Manticore
  • Cursed Foundry of the Hyena-Spawn
  • Cyclopean Barracks of the Vampiric Centaur
  • Dank Cocoon of the Elephant-Horde
  • Dank Prison of the Winged Mother
  • Deadly Isles of the Reaction-Connector
  • Ectoplasmic Rune of the Howling Ooze(s)
  • Entry-Cells of the Sabertooth Gargoyle(s)
  • Eroding Barracks of the Killing-Organs
  • Factory-Keep of the Heart-Combiner
  • Filth-Vines of the Monkey-Efreet
  • Fossil-Orb of the Imprisoned Society
  • Fossil-Pools of the Ice Rat(s)
  • Fossil-Wards of the Loathsome Seed
  • Ghoul-Tower of the Leeching Golem
  • Granite Dimension of the Massive Wizard
  • Horned Sanctuary of the Reaction-Gallery
  • Hunting Dens of the Skeleton Swamp
  • Lethargy-Church of the Dragonfly-Cannibal
  • Lethargy-Haven of the Brain Octopus
  • Mud-Pits of the Ice Combiner
  • Prayer-Cairn of the Bat-Chieftain of Goblins
  • Sacrificial Statue of the Snake-Rakshasa
  • Sentient Pyramid of the Lava Warlord
  • Shadow-Harvester of the Army of the Alchemist
  • Skin Bowl of the Mad Warlord of the Orcs
  • Teleportation Rafts of the Dragonfly-Keeper
  • Teleportation Spouts of the Master Congregation
  • Three-Part Cliffs of the Sacrificial Barge
  • Toxic Halls of the Spell-Hatchery
  • Unreality-Token of the Elemental Whisperer
  • Unthinkable Brewery of the Jade Displacer
  • Vision-Incubator of the Blood Crown
  • Vision-Preserver of the Elemental Priest(s)

Obviously not all are usable as they are, but an impressive number of them will need some consideration before I cull them.

This has some possibilities.  Let’s see where this goes….


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