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The last couple weeks have been remarkably busy for me.

This week’s Links of the Week has been delayed and aim to put it up Wednesday morning.

Some of the other things I am working on:

  • Devising Fantastic Creations, outlining how I create items such as Beobachten, Palavirea, and Kaiho-sha.
  • Fantastic Creations: Using Heraldry, describing ways you might use heraldry and convention in constructing fantastic creations.
  • Polyhedral Pantheons: Fleshing Out the Pantheon, taking the collections of domains and figuring out what they mean, and what they tell us about the cultures that worship them.
  • Variant Specialist Necromancer, building up a more interesting alternative to the core rules Specialist Wizard.

I’m probably going to work on them in this order.

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