Whither B/X?

I’ve been reading B/X Blackrazor since I really started getting into RPG blogs, and I have a copy of a Companion set, but… where can I find the base set?  Context suggests it’s a specific rule set, but my google-fu is failing me and I have been unable to put my hands on it.  I suspect I may have misunderstood and it is a generic term used for OSR-style low-level D&D rules and play, but I don’t really get that feeling.

Can anyone help me out here?  Thanks.


  1. I have a section on my blog site with a brief breakdown of the various “editions” of the classic/basic D&D game, with thumbnail photos of the box covers.

    The B/X (Basic/Expert, the two sets in the series. A third set, Companion, is mentioned, but never materialized, since the line was relaunched as BECMI, below) version you’re asking about is here: http://stockingthedungeon.blogspot.com/p/classic-d-products-basic-bx.html

    Your Companion set is part of the version commonly known as BECMI (Basic, Expert, Companion, Master, Immortal, the five boxed sets in the series) and is here:

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