Yay! I’ve got Blood & Treasure!

Blood & Treasure cover
Blood & Treasure

My son checked the mail yesterday and brought me a small package from a little place called Lulu.

My copy of John Stater’s Blood &Treasure was here!

I read pretty much all of the character section, and skimmed the rest (spell descriptions no longer interest me the way they used to…) last night, and will be putting a review up after I’ve had a chance to read the rest in more detail.

My first impressions though?

Hardcover.  Shiny finish.  Lulu does not skimp on glue, when archeologists dig up my library they might find only a handful of rusty screws that held my shelves together and the glue strip Lulu used in binding this book.  I don’t think this will ever lose pages unless I cut them out with a knife.

I am pleased by this.

Physically it is a nice-constructed book.  Review of content to follow later.

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