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A-Z 2015 "Y"For the Z-A Challenge 2014 I focused mostly on demonstrating the creation of a sandbox campaign. I didn’t focus very hard and I wandered a fair bit, but managed to write a bit more than 38,000 words.

For the Z-A Challenge 2015 I mostly wrote about Polyhedral Pantheons, and finally got my example pantheons drafted. I still have to do some introductory text, and there are some elements of the process — the nominal point of the book, even if it amounts to perhaps 20% of the page count — that I want to revise. About 60%-70% of the final page count will be three pantheons: the Shu-shi pantheon (twenty-two deities of Chinese halflings), the Goblin pantheon (twenty-two deities followed by three tribes, the hilljacks, the jhesiri, and the kouzelnik), and the Elemental Tetratheon (a pantheon of twenty-eight deities heavily polarized by element). I was tempted to make today’s post ‘Yet Another Pantheon’ and do one comparable in size to the Elemental Tetratheon, but decided that seventy-two will have to be enough. Time to wrap this one up and get back to some other projects

What projects? Well

  • The Echelon Reference Series is still in the works. I’ve published the Barbarian, Cleric, and Sorcerer books, but I still want to complete the other base classes. The next one up is likely to be the Rogue book. I may knock out Samurai as a quick sample book. And I’m still thinking about race books.
  • Review and update Echelon itself, the game that caused me to start the Echelon Reference Series (these books were originally research documents for Echelon). I think I may take another run at that for NaGaDeMon (National Game Design Month) in November. I would dearly love to have it in the bag so I can demo it at GottaCon, near the end of February.
  • Work on the Donnerkonig Chronicle, the setting and campaigns I started outlining for the A-Z Challenge last year. If nothing else, wrap up the Donnerkonig Heirs campaign. I really want to see how that turns out.
  • More Echelon Explorations books along the same lines as Polyhedral Pantheons. I think I’d really like to expand on the adaptations to Polyhedral Pantheons I’ve been writing about this week, and I’ve long wanted to expand on and polish my Campaign and Scenario Design material for publication.
  • … so many other projects. I have many ideas of things to work on, and I know people who come up with exciting things I want to be part of. It’s a shame I have so little time to work on the cool stuff.

And that’s just off the top of my head. I sometimes think I really do need a ticketing system to keep track of all the stuff I want to do.

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