Anime and RPGs

In the last couple of months I have seen comments linking anime and role playing games.  It is not a bad link, really, given the overlap between ‘watchers of anime’ and ‘players of RPGs’ and the influence anime and RPGs have on each other.  However, it is incomplete because ‘anime’ …

Threshold d20 Review: Resources, Races, and Allegiances

I take a quick look at how Threshold handles other character considerations, including resources (money and stuff) and races.  Talents will be in another review. Here, I look primarily at and their subpages.

Campaign Setting Design: Putting it all Together

So far, these articles have focused on definitions and theory. This article shows how they can used together to actually craft something. Summary of Steps Develop the setting, so the campaigns have a place to happen. Develop campaigns, so the player characters have long-term goals and to provide a general …

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