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Jack Shear “On Publishing”

Jack Shear of Tales of the Grotesque and Dungeonesque wrote a post about why he publishes as he does.

I decided it worth mentioning why I follow his work as I do.

  1. I read the blog because I like the content.
  2. I grab and print the PDFs because I like having hard copy and you make it easy.
  3. I buy the hard covers because by damn they’re worth the money to me (even though I’ve printed and bound my own, I gain no real functionality here) and because — even though you give the money away — I like to think it’s at least a small ego stroke to see that someone felt your work is worth paying for, even when they can get the content for free.

I’ve got all the Tales of the Grotesque and Dungeonesque gothic hardcovers, and look forward to more coming out.

T-Bag Swings Into Action!

T-Bag the Goblin

T-Bag’s a swingin’ goblin.

Last fall I was running some players through my Node-Based Megadungeon. We only made it through three sessions before real life caught up to us, but the last session was memorable.

Jason Paul McCartan really brought this character to life, and he recently did something nice for me, so I thought it only fitting that I do something nice in return.

I commissioned Emily Vitori to take the session recap and “do something fun with T-Bag”. I gave her a few suggestions as to basically what I was thinking of (something like “dirty, skinny goblin swinging on rope and planning to have some fun where he landed, with some cheap bling reading ‘TBAG'”). We looked at a few goblin pictures (Golarion goblins, the Goblins webcomic, maybe a couple more) and she synthesized this.

I think she about nailed the character.

Thanks Emily!

Echelon Reference Series: Spells

Spells pg 8

Spells pg 8

I’ve been working on the Echelon Reference Series lately, and while I might not actually publish my spells research document it does make for a good testbed for layout work.

Building these documents also let me exercise the data manipulations I’ll need farther down the line.

I have data sets of all the spells and spell lists from the following books.

  • Pathfinder® Roleplaying Game Core Rulebook™
  • Pathfinder® Roleplaying Game: Advanced Player’s Guide™
  • Pathfinder® Roleplaying Game: Ultimate Magic™
  • Pathfinder® Roleplaying Game: Ultimate Combat™

The spells document (page captured to the right) was built out of a single data set of spells, but the spreadsheet I link to below is built by matching the spell lists and the spell definitions. This bodes well — being able to hook the game elements together will save me a lot of work.

Aggregate Spell List Download removed, download plug allows too much spam

There are a number of blank cells in this spreadsheet. These are all spells that are defined in terms of other spells and depend on those other spells for certain information (such as range, duration, and so on). I will be making some changes to my data manipulation scripts to pull that additional information and reduce dependency between the individual spell definitions.

This suggests to me that I will have the tools needed to properly develop classes and archetypes… so even if I won’t be publishing these documents, those documents will be much easier to produce.